Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Prior to getting into last nights ride report, provided by B, I feel compelled to say a few words. Having only made 1 ride in the last 8 weeks has left me feeling the need to thrust myself upon the blade of the FT3 brotherhood or at least, in avoidance of death, explain the mea culpa of the last 8 weeks.

All I can say is that last night at 5:40 I was in and by 5:45 the wheels had completely come off the bus, oddly the DTI never suffered through this episode, probably because the truck never departed. I guess the good news is that by the time the family bedded down most of the wheels seemed to be reattached. However this begs the question of the place of Tuesday night in the importance of the weeks events. Friends, I fear, I have neglected my duties to properly insert the priority of the FT3 into the weekly calendar. Rest assured, I have chieseled the next several Tuesday's into the granite slab that serves as the "non-miss" events! I will return, promise!

Ride Report:
I know there is much more to share but I thought I'd capture these highlights, lest they be forgotten. Feel free to steal from the below if you are up for making a more elaborate ride report.
  • Street Shorts made another appearance, joining Councilman, NoCar, B, Xteric and one totally new rider. The new rider's handle may be Street Shoes, Nike, or Sneakers, we are not sure at this point. One thing we do know is that he Qualified wearing said footwear.
  • After Qualifier we made our way to the Flume then to the steep road pull up to Park Creek. From there we accessed and dropped Wedding March. The group split up at that point and either went straight back to the docks or added mileage by doing a clockwise classic lake loop. All riders met back at the docks for a swim.
  • I did not see it, but Street Shorts took a fall that made him bleed. That's proper.
  • Councilman again graciously provided an offering. This time it was a sauce with the Ghost Chili. Though not ridiculously hot, it packed a creeping punch and had a delicious, smoky flavor.
  • While driving home I thought I heard a strange sound coming from the back of the vehicle. NoCar's Voodoo jumped ship on the way home and was dragging along US50 for a few miles, only half attached to the hitch rack. I think I loaded it on the Previa and therefore accept full responsibility. Luckily it does not appear to have suffered any damage.
Until we (I) Ride


  1. I am extremely curious about the undisclosed identity of said new rider 'street shoes...'

  2. Bummer you couldn't make it, Larz. Glad to know I'm not the only one with derailed trains or wheel-less buses, etc.