Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday Ride Report

Got in a good ride on Sunday. Green Fro was taking advantage of a weekend long hall pass and joined up. RG and I made up the heart of FT3 while we were also joined by "Safety First" (I forgot his name) and my neighbor Ron (insert handle). Ron and RG have been battling in the road series this summer and had many a race tale as we got started. We headed off to do the Bucks Bar Happy Valley cut off. Safety First fell behind on Cedar Ravine and I doubled back for him only to find Xterric in hot pursuit, pulling off a first and an impressive FT3 catch! It is worth noting that Safety First made a great recovery was never really that far off the back again. From the Holiday Market on E16 we headed up Clear Creek for some heat relief. At the junction at Starks, all players manned up and we headed for Pollock. RG was on form, whats new? I was able to give chase for a bit and even launched an attack. I fear I may have waited too long for the attack to have any sting. I think someone in a Hoveround would have been able to come around me. Needless to say RG cleaned up all the sprint points on the way down as well. Great ride for a hot Sunday. It was great to get back on the bike!

Until we ride,


  1. Glad to hear FT3 was pressing on while I was away. Also glad to hear there are still new riders showing up.

    Managed to score a bike during the study mission trip and rode 35-40 miles of the "Centennial Trail" bike path between Spokane WA and Coeur D'Alene Idaho. El Dorado Trail may someday serve as the NorCal brother to this trail. It was awesome and I hear some sections served as a portion of the IronMan event one of our respected FT3 riders participated in.

  2. Here are the stats for this FT3 Classic Road Route; note how the temp was entirely manageable until the final run into P'ville.