Tuesday, August 3, 2010

National Bike Night Out

I don't know what the hype about some block party is...fool is CXSSFT3...it's a freestyle roll session.

Ride Reports:
Never did get a good ride report in last week. In the end, Ghost calculated us at 26ish miles with 8000+ feet of climbing, not bad. Although I am the first to admit not swim was a disappointment and the super late FT3 outing was killing me on Wed.

Sunday's ride was a breakaway special with Ghost and I doing the 193 - Georgetown - Cool - 49 loop. Great ride even though we got a bit caught up in the rafting traffic coming up 49.

Call Out:
Tonight is indeed National Night Out, which may impact participation a bit, because we are such a civic minded group. However too much of the pro family stuff will have us ending up like these guys -

Man that hits a little close to home...oh well, I will "roll hard" on the CX tonight and avoid the lawn for a while.

Mosquito 5:45 - Exit 54?

Until we Ride


  1. two.

    Anyone want to leave early, get a little Starkes Grade warm up?

  2. Pardon me for not checking the back channel before I posted. I'm not gonna touch the multi-layered numbering system, but I like the Pre-BR enthusiasm.

  3. 4 or something like that.
    I'm rolling CX tonight (unless it is not functioning or pissed at me).

    preBR, yes please.

  4. I guess that makes me five? Lars, Bambi, No handel and NoCar are in.....

    See you at the mosquito lot.

    I'll bring some deadguy whiskey to share.

  5. Oh and I guess I will be attempting to not use my gear shifters tonight as well since I no longer posses a ss and don't have a crosser.

  6. Riders of FT3. By my count we have 4 or 5 attending via vehicle and 2-3 attending via bike (Cappy, SafetyFirst and maybe NoCar).
    Will there be enough cars to transport.
    Someone, (not it) should organize.
    I can drive people home but need to know soon and would prefer not to drive the long way home as i have a very early am tomorrow.

  7. I was planning on enjoying the night air and riding home.
    And, Nohandle, I will return your unholy knee warmers. Thank you for your patience.

  8. Believe it or not, it got down to 29 degrees where i was camping last week and my am ride was really cold, could have used some knee warmers but alas, I would not have even brought them had I had them - it is freaking summer.
    Anyone have my vest?

  9. For those of you not reading back channel, Safety and I are riding up for the taco part and are looking for a ride back down the hill inside a vehicle, with our bikes.

    Please let me know via text if there is room or if we should be prepared to ride home. I'm sure it will work out, 'cause FT3s always got a homies back. If not we will have extra company riding back with NoCar.

  10. I am driving the truck and can fit a lot of CX and Road bikes. Did we ever get an affirmative that Bambi is in?

  11. Bambi is in. I might have to meet at the Pollywood lot though. I will be getting home to late for an E54 pickup and it sounds like Larz's truck will be full on the retrun trip.

  12. Should I bring my arm and knee warmers + vest for those riding home... Oh wait those already have them. Or is it the other way round.