Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Conspiring Powers!

There is a disturbance in the force today that will prevent me from taking part in tonight's chilly and possibly wet ride.

Saturday's CX race was represented well by FT3. RG, Bambi, Cap'n and myself all toed the line and did the brotherhood well. Racing was fast and furious! I think we are starting to figure out this A's thing and would not be surprised at all to see some folks on the podium come Sunday after next down at our favorite, non-foothill winery, Lange Twins! Should be a good time and if last year was any indicator, a great course.

The weather up in Pollywood has been of the anti-dust sort. Plenty of water on the trails may create some muddy and slippery situations. No mater if you are dicing or slicing, just keep the rubber side down.

I am still somewhat optimistic for a late roll out and possible rendezvous. Keep me posted of ride/route selection. Until then, I am off to fight the dark side of the force.

RG: Love the Pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jn56/5157765211/in/set-72157625339658148/#/

Until we ride,


  1. One!

    I vote for a CX outing, we've been remiss keeping up with our SS/CX monthly change up.

    I'll most likely be traveling up the hill solo 2x2 style so I won't have any room for passengers.

    That 'almost oh S%&# squint is clearly evident in the photo. I was making up time in that section, taking some risks.

  2. Apparently RG has sufficient morale sensitivity to feel remorse for last week's blasphemous bicycle choice. But, what is solo 2x2 style?

    I am down in Newport Beach, riding boardwalk intervals on a beach cruiser with a plastic cup.

  3. I am out tonight. I have to go to the City Council meeting.

  4. It looks like it's a solo local 1x2 instead. Pardon my P3, but after my duo mountain lion sighting this summer, I won't be doing a solo CX at Pollywood anytime soon.

  5. There are some new codes here I do not understand. 2x2, and 1x2.

    I understand the 'solo local' part, and that is what concerns me.

    I would not assume at this early hour that there will not be an FT3 rider to accompany you, B has not chimed in, nor has Bambi, (and I think he is in), then there's always XTeric. Keep the faith RG, FT3 will keep you safe!

    sing in word: Jactfu

  6. the situation is jact fu if it is a solo outing!

  7. Bambi did chime in as a go via email; he's having trouble posting to the blog.

    B must be checking a bridge foundation in some remote canyon void of cell service.

    The solo 2x2 travel mode will have to be witnessed first hand, if only I could post a picture on the blog...

    CX bikes it is.

  8. The KTM has a bike rack! Now we are talking!

  9. ding-ding-ding! Lars wins the blog decipher prize, a PBR in waiting tonight at the Knot; that is if I'm not collecting my Lynskey off the freeway in route.

  10. Whoa. Man, Lars has always had a way with decoding.

  11. I may show for the "in waiting" offering, all depends on how the 1xboard meeting goes.

  12. I'll be on a trainer in a gym tonight, then about taco hr I'll be working late w/my peeps from India.