Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's that in the wind?

As with all things, change is the only constant in life. Maybe punctuated by last nights ride confusion or general blog dictatorship or maybe just a lack of creative ideas, a change is in order. Now, don't fear, there will be no changes to FT3 schedule, direction or tire pressure, just to blog authorship. Therefore, with this post LOtB will exit the blogoshpere and hand the reigns over to an FT3 consortium of authors.

Two years of highlights:
1) First and foremost, the fact that in two plus years of Tuesdays (give or take a day and weather dependent) there has been a group of Placerville area guys mount bikes for friendship and fitness is an amazing thing!
2) FT3 24 hour team established our credibility!
3)FT3 CX racing demonstrates our dominance!
4)SSFT3 secured us as the true "hardmen" on the block!
5) "This many" (hand hovering above empty bottles) nuff said!
6) Men writing bike related poetry and quoting Shakespeare all in the name of two wheeled pursuits!
7) A secret network of trails named by us and known only by us!
8) The fact that my children ask me why I am home on any Tuesday I don't make the ride!

The highlights are really too numerous to list but this starts to give the feel of the culture established by our group. In thirty years when FT3 generation number two is introducing cycling to gen three, we will look back on these early years as the beginning of the ground swell of a Mt. Bike culture and mecca that is Pollywood!

Look for a race report or ride report coming your way soon from any number of various authors. LOtB will be taking a bit of a writing break, but I might rear my head again sometime!

Viva FT3
Until we ride,


  1. Well said Lars. So who is responsible for last nights post. I need to know who to bitch at for not being able to read about the ride I missed.

  2. I back-channel'd a report to Cap'n today. I rode solo on some additional steeps/streets near town. Full report will follow.

  3. Kudos to Lars for an outstanding job on the blog! We have been entertained, enlightened, and encouraged for the past 2+ years. Have enjoyed the witty banter resulting from said blog posts.

    Oh, and yesterday's post was only confusing to those members (me) who didn't bother to spell out the acronym one last time before responding. Good luck tonight at Rodeo Cross!!!

  4. For full disclosure here and because I am the first 'chosen one' I do not yet have the super secret password which is kept under lock and key, but I understand that Lars will show this evening with a briefcase locked to his wrist. A race and ride report will follow tomorrow.

    Lars I echo C-mans comments - you have done an excellent job with keeping us organized and enlightened via the blog and we appreciate your efforts!! As with the wheels of FT3, the blog must roll on. I hope that once and a while we will be able to stop into neutral support and grab a wheelset for Lars so he can roll up a blog post.