Monday, December 27, 2010

And I thought Cholla were some kind of peppers...

What is one thing all desert riders carry with them; a must have? Water? Food? Nope. How about a comb, a pair of needle-nose pliers, or both? Yep, the cholla (pronounced like choya) are cacti and have a nasty tendency towards hurling their prickly digits/limbs at you if you get too close. It's elbows in when navigating this terrain. Thing is, it's not always the one attached to the tree/bush that will get ya. Those laying about can be easily picked up by a rotating tire, and then rudely deposited on your backside.

Ahh, the joys of desert living. Did I mention the Mojave rattler? That's another story altogether...

Yes, gents, your councilman has taken his little circus to the sands of Southern AZ. The riding here can be every bit as arduous and pain-inducing as it is back home. There are mountains full of critters (and smugglers), with nasty grades going up, and perilous crossings on the way down. Mt Lemmon is a stone's throw away, and though there is snow at 5 to 6k feet, the riding (dirt and road) is outstanding. In short, FT3 would thrive here.

Oddly enough, there is a fairly large group, many transients and college students, who ride on Tuesday nights and then eat/drink in downtown Tuscon. Apparently, they heard about what we were doing in Pollywood, and had to start their own weekly event. If the gods are smiling, I will ride in the morning with the Ms., and then join the fray for the evening's adventures.

To that end, consider this your inter-state, cross-cultural, remote, desert callout! It will be cold, wet, and the last FT3 ride for 2010, or two thousand ten, or however the hell you say it. LOtB reports the trails in Polly are, and I quote, "mostly rideable with slight dust of snow possible". Did our fair administrator graduate from Penn St? Cuz he's got a knack for this meteorology thing.


Ghost sighting and most excellent news: For those who weren't on the back channel communique of last week, our own apparition will be a father, not once, but twice over. You got it, twins!! FT3 Gen2 is expanding. More pics and maybe the sex of the babies to follow?

Solstice Anyone?: NoHandle once again put on a reportedly splendid bonfire affair. The stories abound and will no doubt become the stuff of legend. Didn't know Ghost had a 'crosser. Would love to see pics of the muddy slogfest. Can't wait for next year.

Not so good news: One of our Comrades went down last week. It was a solid crash, with serious injuries and some surgury required. Happy to report, the Six Million Dollar man (formerly known as Nocar) is recovering nicely and coherent enough to pen a crash report. Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

Happy Riding and Happy New Year


  1. Nice holiday/desert write up and call out C-Man.
    While I know the count stands at zero, we do know you are riding tomorrow. Solid work.
    I'd like to throw out there that if NoCar is up for it this week or anyone in the near future, I am willing to shuttle you up to Tacos after a ride. Logistics to be worked out later but it won't involve him driving or riding up. Should be the last wet ride of the year, guaranteed.
    I'm in!

  2. Arizona sounds bomb diggity c man! Thanks for the belgians, they were gobbled up quickly. And thankyou no handel residence for the hospitality. And if by crosser you mean "skinny tire carbon roadbike" yes i have such a thing. I am in for a fixie ride and tacos and can drive to and from the hole of knotts which makes geasy goodness from within. 2 fixed (around town)!

    No car seams to be mending well......just a mechanical is all.

  3. Did I suggest in some back channel mail that Ghost was on a crosser. May have. In fact I was quite impressed to see him on his fancy bike riding it around the dirt, mud and sticks in the dark. Skinny Shaved legs yes, road bike weenie, NO!
    Now, Ghost, can you please clarify your post and intentions for this evening? Fixie, Town, dirt, Pollywood?

  4. I have guests ariving this afternoon and am out for the ride. Missing the last FT3 event of 2010 does not sit well with me. I will try and roll up for tacos if I can. No Car, if you want to roll up for tacos give me a call this afternoon. I am down to pick you up if I can get out.

  5. Great write up C-Man. An 'air out' in the desert sounds quite nice this time of year. Down here on the coast we survived the Christmas deluge and had two fine but cool days to do some wandering. I got 100 miles in over the last two days, still not enough to burn off the fall layer of fat. The roads down here are primo, even ventured out to the race course we battled on last June. Also been doing some scouting of future kite boarding spots as I'm committed to become a full fledged rider this year.

    Keep the wintery mix streak alive men. I hope to be back in action on the MTB soon after the new year. The leg is still various shades of blue and very tender.

  6. I am in for this evening's ride, which puts the Final 2010 ride count at THREE as of the 9:00 hour.

    Agreed, callout from afar is stellar, what an excellent idea! That sunny pic and dry dirt sure does look inviting! Cholla, not so much!

  7. thank you for the invites to the taco fest shuttle, but i must decline.
    i have a buddy who is back in the states for the holidays and he will be staying with us for a couple of days.

  8. On the fantasy island loop in tuscon right now. Weather is perfect and DTI is climbing. Will post more later.

  9. New news on the baby front. It appears as though there was a malfunction with our previous ultrasound and it created "a mirror image". We went in today for a formal ultrasound and found only baby.

    A little bummed but still excited for a healthy addition to gen2.

    I am on the fence tonight. Work and the new family news may keep me in town. Ill keep everyone posted

  10. Ghost, that is pretty amazing. There was another couple at my bon fire who we just got the word about a pending baby from. Their original prognosis was same as yours -twins - and we learned that there was a glitch w/theirs. I was wondering about asking you the same, but then well got to doing some drinking and decided to forget.