Monday, December 13, 2010

Tuesday Call out and Race Report

Well, this is my first post as contributing editor and I must say that the pressure to perform is mounting. Line up at a race I can do, even when I've got the hairiest legs, biggest gut and, well, least amount of time actually racing. Writing in a public forum that is another thing which I'll leave to those better skilled at it than I am.
I can however call you each out for yet another FT3 outing and recall a few tid-bits of an FT3 Cross Race adventure over the weekend.

Call Out:
We are riding as per usual, trails should be better than last week but the weather may be worse. I don't expect Peter to show up, but Peter P, this is your official call out. If you are ever to show up and ride w/us this week would be a good time to show you've got what it takes to roll w/FT3. Man up I say.

Race Report:
Saturday was the annual Folsom Cyclo Cross event hosted by Bicycle Planet and it was a great event. The course was much like last years but the weather was much better. GreeFro was on Team duty in the eary hrs setting up and walking the course. He rolled out w/the 35+ Bs. I don't actually know where he finished so we'll have to get that from him. During Fro's race and Cappy's my warm up, our good friend C'Man showed up to help out w/the child watching since Cappy and I had young boys in tow. After Fro finished, he and C-Man shared the baby sitting while Cappy and I toed the line w/the "open" As. Yea, no need for 35+ As per the race organizer I guess. The pace was not too bad at first then just when I thought things were settling down, the pace kicked up and the front disappeared. I saw Cappy at various intervals throughout the race, each one a bit closer to me on lapping lap. From the looks of things Cappy road w/3 other guys most the race as the front runners. One man slipped away to take the win and Cappy and some other lucky guy duked it out for 2nd and 3rd. Our Man came up 3rd on the day and a great effort It was - his best finish I am thinking of the year (so far). I rolled in 6th after a good long battle which I much enjoyed but did lose for 5th. I swear this raced included a good head game as we were in at least 7 laps when I allowed myself to lookup and see if the "3 laps" sign was up yet. Nope, not yet. Another lap, nope not yet, another lap and still no sign. This may have been where I lost my 5th place spot. In the end we did a pile of laps but I truly enjoyed the dicing and tactics that Cross provides.

See You Tuesday,


  1. Wet and rain prevail, no snow lots of standing water! The upper respiratory condition of the 16mo old will determine my status this evening.

  2. Two. (Assuming NoHandle's "See You Tuesday" = "one")
    Awful quiet on the ol' blog this morning. I'll be reattaching the gritty slow rolling hub to the voodoo, maybe throwing on a fender. I assume a car pool will leave the mosquito lot. I don't know if my legs can handle another crosser expedition.

  3. Yes, see you tues = "one".
    I'll be riding my 29er w/gears. It loves rain and muck, much more than I do. Will Peter show.

  4. What was the mileage for the Mosquito loop Nocar? I have been wanting to do that ride for a while but haven't found the time.

    I am on the fence for tonight. I want to race on Saturday and the DTI could use some points in the bank.

  5. Sounds like a great race, I'm curious how they routed the back part of the course with the new housing development. Great job representing FT3 in the local throw down.

    I am wisely choosing to attend my work Holiday dinner event versus a wet, cold slog through the mud.

  6. RG, are we invited? Sounds like a good place to be, we tend to represent well...

  7. I traced the Forebay-Mosquito loop (including wrong turns) into TOPO. It came out at 60 miles with 12,000 feet of climbing. I think the vertical is exaggerated, because of my inability to draw within the lines. With route finding, snow drifts and downed trees it took five hours.

  8. 2. Nice post THTH, and great job on the race front. It was a fast field, and both you and Cappy made 'em work for it.

    I must add that there was some dicing and scrapping going on with the FT3G2 (gen 2). An unknown bully was trying to rough up our youngest members. They held fast, and defended themselves with honor. Whilst I would have liked to have seen a more thorough flogging of said bully, I felt compelled to intervene and redirect the activity.

    Anyone bringing their canoe, kayak or other watercraft tonight?

  9. I count 3: Me, NoCar and Councilman.

  10. Neither rain, nor cold, nor dark of night
    shall thwart our crew and claim their right
    to tacos, sauce and post-ride beers!
    Come one, come all, and bring your gears...

  11. Xteric makes 4! Nocar I have an extra rear wheel that will work on the Voodoo. I will bring it tonite with the proper tools to switch it out. I will also actually make the 5:45 roll up today. Give or take a couple minutes.

  12. What a day. We have an actual post from Xterric. Nice to see you on-line xt, even better that you'll be on the ride tonight.

  13. I am out. Mom is arriving tomorrow and the stress of the arrival plus Christmas early with her has hit the homefront. I am IN for racing Lange Twins this weekend. Took my 'Final' this morning then rode the fat tire bike to work, no sign of Peter out riding in the rain in Pville. I don't suppose I will see him headed to the Mosquito lot on the way home either. Drink a Rye for me, 'cause I got a solid A in my class (applause).

    No change to the Willow Creek Course, the new development did not affect it. It is one of my favorite local courses, small climb, plenty of barriers and run ups, fast sections... good fun. It could use a couple more tight turns tho.

    Best Finish? Indeed... in "Open As" but I was 2nd in K-wood 35+ As.

  14. Do they make a pugsley cross bike? If the rain keeps up like this that is what we are going to need at Lange Twins on Saturday.

  15. Spiral of Doom is gone! New Course Map:

  16. Thanks for the offer Xteric, but the FED EX man showed up with my new wheel. I think the voodoo is good to go.

  17. That course is going to be almost half the time of the prior one, and about 1/4 the pain. Anyone want to watch my kids this weekend. I have a long shot of being able to attend now that As is an option but alas, I have the boys in tow for the last time this season.