Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bring On The Wintry Mix

Xteric, Councilman, Nocar, NoHandle and Lars ot Bars met in the Knotlot ready to roll. While the Peterness of absent riders was mentioned, the rain kept the pre-ride banter to a minimum. NoHandle's prediction of snowfall was scoffed.
We turned to the pre-qualifier then dropped down to the lake for a standard loop. Conditions were WET with a few patches of snow lingering in the coldest draws. Lars suffered a mechanical, his derailer/chain tensioner jammed into his cog. NoHandle deftly worked out a remedy for the damaged gear, but it wasn't running smoothly. Fortunately, Lars promptly slipped out on a slick stump and knocked the derailer into alignment. To warm up, we climbed the right lip, which was flowing like a creek. Flat sections gathered deep fans of sediment that grabbed our wheels and robbed all momentum. The following descent of the left lip was anything but fast. Downed trees blocked the path at every turn.
As we reached the lake, a unanimous call for tacos was made. Temperatures were plummeting and every rider (save Xteric in full moto cross gear) was suffering some loss of sensation in the extremities. On the last stretch to the knottlot the rain turned to snow. We stood in the mud and stripped our soggy layers, snow falling on cold, wet skin. Mother Rye handed out paper towels as we must have looked like a bunch of drowned rats. The Knott Hole had grown more festive, and the tacos were extra greasy. After we paid our tabs (and Mother Rye caught Councilman trying to pilfer an It's-It) we found our bikes to be covered in snow. Cautiously, we drove back to Pville.


  1. Breaking News:

    I have to attend a wedding in North Carolina the weekend of the Coolest 24 hour race and thus can not be a part of Team Two's historic victory.

  2. Glad I am not your Captain, NoCar. Cause you know I'd have something to say about that.

    Was X Teric actually going to ride a motorcycle to match the gear he had on last night in order to help acheive said historic victory? Or did you guys succeed in getting Alex Candalario on your team (who rides a bike like it has a motor). By the way, he was 9th in CX Nat's if you didn't catch that already.

    Good ride report NoCar, although you forgot to mention that I provided a parking lot send off on the commute home. Indeed, no sign of Peter out there.

  3. Words were had last night, with regard to said wedding. Today was a confirmation. Actions will be taken.

    The report indeed captured the essence of the night's events. It was cold, wet, and the tacos were fatty. I should mention I disparaged the barmaid in conveying our collective dislike for the alternate nickhandles. Turns out, the unknown barmaid is Lindsey's sister. Between that and my attempt to score a free It's It, I paid dearly.

    Thanks to all for a memorable outing. Beware full moons on a wintry night...