Monday, December 6, 2010

Back to the Norm ~ SS/CXFT3

So the local Pollock Spotter, a.k.a 'alive weather cam Lars', indicates that our home trails are mostly rideable, just in time for the December edition of SS/CXFT3. So what do you say, let's get back to the norm and go for a ride, at night, in the cold, in the mountains (on single speeds, or CX). While the temptation to race Folsom Rodeocross is great, I am confident SS/CXFT3 will provide both sufficient training and handups as necessary. Anyone in need of a Wednesday CX race should make carpool arrangements in the hidden comment field.

CX Racing took place again this weekend and FT3 riders Lars and NoHandle did us proud on the Sac CX Circuit. A race report, as provided by NoHandle follows; Lars and I kept it real on Sat up in Grass Valley for what I would rate as the most fun course I've raced, maybe a tie with SF. The course had plenty of climbing but even more technical stuff. The tight off-camber and slippery turns had me on my ass three times including the pre ride lap (which I am glad to report in an official modifying the spot that took me out). Unlike Lange Twins course this one actually allowed us to apply some skills other than fitness - which makes the race so much more fun. In the end I Finished 7th and Lars was right behind me finishing the last lap and a half on a flat...solid FT3 throw down, but there were only 11 starters. Lars stands atop of the points race so far for FT3 with cappy on top counting a throwout race. [Administrator's note; "Practice Harder!!" is what the heckler's would have said at Folsom Rodeocross.]

Next weekend, Saturday, is the annual Bicycle Planet CX Race at Willow Creek/Folsom High School. I am IN, as is NoHandle, and I hear Green Fro will be making an appearance!

Late breaking edits: ONE!

Big ups to the Female arm, or leg(s) of FT3 as I understand that the great marathon runner and other half of Lars acheived some stunning results in her finish of the California International Marathon. I'm no mathematician, but she finished in the top 100 of women in her age group and something like the top 20% of women overall, out of something like 5,000 women?? Lars can provide better stats, but either way big ups to her. She even qualified for the Boston Marathon, which in bike terms is like qualifying to race CX Worlds!

Ride like the wind,



  1. One? Two?
    And I'm still interested in the wed X ride (rainy mudfest), so, I'll throw out a tentative One for that as well. And carpool shmarpool I'll bike to both.

  2. "mostly rideable" Hmmmm...The lake loop and Flemming will definitely have some open areas worthy of riding by night fall. Any open areas may still have a build of thick white crud to deal with, but it is going fast. I am sacked with meetings tonight and tomorrow so I am out. Life is good as a follower!

  3. Where is my picture? Oh, there it is good!

  4. Did you guys watch the Video? Is Pollywood going Hollywood. That is shot up on the DH course, it has to be I reconize way too much terrain. Cappy where did you get that Video. THe last credit says "Good Rides 3, Sly Park California" Yea, I know that place. Didn't know the DH guys named it bumpy meadows.
    I am still torn on tonight vs. Wed but leaning towards my roots and CX/SS FT3. I need a push but can't do both.
    Yes, I'm in for Sat, but I need someone to watch my kids, I can't justify another big babysitting bill. B, you up for that?

  5. Got the vid on youtube, imagine that. Heard about it through the grapevine from some youg DHers. Since tonight is a push for getting back to the norm I thought it was appropriate to show vid of our local terrain to give those of us a push who need a push. Damn, can't wait to ride that and have some delicious tacos. Is it five yet?

  6. 3? 4? I need tacos, so I'm game for Polly. Busy weekend, but I'll see if the wifey is into a little trip to Folsom on Sat. What time is the race?

    And waayyy big ups to mama barnes. I knew she was fast, but dang! Looks like a trip east is in your future, LArs.

    Sweet viddy, Cap'n.

  7. Yeah, the only problem is that I now need to balance the bike run thing and qualify with her! Can't let her have all the fun in Boston.

  8. Stats: For Mrs. LOtB
    Time 3:26:28 (Boston Qual time 3:40)
    Div: 51st in W30-34
    Women: 186/2500
    Overall: 886/6000
    First Half: 1:45 (3:30 pace)
    Second Half: 1:41 (4 minute negative split!)
    Me: Got in 35 miles on the fixie - pretty enjoyable day all around!

  9. Yet another week of fitness class for me and then I'll be free Tuesday nights. If safety is first, then it'll be wise if I don't venture out on the snow covered trails with FT3 for the first time ever.

    Ms. LOtB is quick! LOtB, have fun in Boston, that's amazing!

  10. Green Fro will be at the race and I have confirmation that if the weather is good he and his biggest kid will be available to keep an eye on both NoHandle and I's kids. It's on!

  11. I'm in tonight. Thanks for the pushes.
    4? 5? can I get a count off.
    C'Man, isn't it against by-laws to refer to someone's surname in blogging. You may be buying tonights preBRs. GreenFro is a true family and cycling man.

  12. Jeez, tough crowd. And I was trying to negotiate a race-day visit to watch your kids. But, in fact, you are correct. I erroneously, and grievously referred to Mrs. LOtB by her surname. I am ashamed. Yet again, I will be buying the preBRs.

    Maybe NoCar can put his rack on the 'crosser...

  13. sorry, posted above from another source and didn't log off wifey. I'm batting 0 today. Is it 5 yet?

  14. For a minute there I thought we had received a rare posting by a woman. Alas, it was just a C-man in a woman's login.
    I'll be riding up with the rack, but it will take some persuasion to get me to be the beer shlepper again. Especially on the singletrack.

  15. Per your request, NoHandle:


    And nocar, I wouldn't ask you to schlep more beers. You earned big points on TGFT3 for such efforts. With the potential for handups tonight, we may all have to opt for a bigger pack...

  16. Five or Six!

    After my 3X CX crashes and no SS in the stable, I'm going 29er w/gears.

    Great job Mrs. LoTB, the time and stats are awesome, top 20% overall!

    Late props to Lars on the Blog initiation and legit themes for the past year plus, you truly elevated the class of FT3.

    However, I recall there was an election and a mandate to OPEN the blog administration and posting ability for all members, what needs to happen to get that done?

  17. 7! I think? The count is really screwed today. The cross bike is clean and race ready, even though I cant race until the 18th, so I am on the single tonight.

  18. Rest assured FT3, LOtB still wears the running pants in the family. The 3:06;27 posted at the 2008 CIM was a smoking time. In March at the Napa Marathon I am gunning for the elusive 3hr barrier, but look at me talking about running on a cycling blog.

  19. 1) C'man, glad your rectified your post before I called you out "again"
    2) Don't be to thin skinned about me calling you out and thanks for trying to line up child coverage.
    3) I'm rolling gears too, my 29er is getting lonely.
    4) 3:06, that is what I do the mile in. Not. That is smoke'n fast.
    5) Nice work Cappy on keeping the BLOG real, the hidden comment field is blowing up.
    6) RG, I'll explain the admin topic over beers tonight. Perhaps LarZ could join us at that point and maybe short taco us.

  20. All good here, brotha. Just trying to follow protocol. Thanks for keeping me on track. Speaking of tracks, there is a vote going down shortly. The back-channel emails should have more info. I dropped in for a visit. Gotta love politics, especially the local stuff.