Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Loss of Paul Functioning

Adhering to the dictates of Cappy's Quit Dawdling! Campaign, the shuttle appeared in Camino, once again, before 6. And when Our Dear Rideleader arrived at the Knott Lott on steed, everyone rushed to finish their final ride preparations. Lars announced some breaking news: an FT3-kitted rider was captured on camera by TV news reporters covering the Placerville Courthouse. The identity of the rider has not been determined, though it was alleged that he blew a stop sign.

We rolled past the EID entry gate without stating our names or intended route. Up past the Qualifier single track mini descent to the trail that parallels Sly Park Road to Park Creek Road, where (and now my memory gets hazy) we dropped the latest new trail the Fire Line to the Qualifier, back up and over the knob above Park Creek Road and somewhere in there we encountered an active log landing.
 Then down the Chopping Block (which was a big crowd pleaser), along the flume and up the steep road back to Park Creek.
Down the Power Line trail, kicking the merest cloud of dust.  As we rolled towards Sly Park Road, a few lights began to shine.
  And we reached a cross roads. Our Dear Rideleader had to depart. Subsequently, Bambi announced that he was sick and had to short ride. Xteric took hold of the rideleader reigns and took the qualifier downhill to give Bambi an expedited route to his car. When we turned up the short piece of singletrack to get to the entrance station, NoHandle's hub crunched a final protest and then failed. He turned his pedals, but the wheel didn't spin. Whether it was the fault of grime from riding through winter rains:
or some other mechanical stress on the pawls:
we now had an official mechanical on our hands, and lacking a spare wheel we concluded the night's outing. Nobody felt shortrided, nor was anyone near their exercise threshold.
The taco staff was delighted by our early arrival. The top shelf sauces were handed down, rye pours were extra fat, the taco meat and shells above average and the bouffant reached new levels of artistic expression. To end the dinner, Mother Rye announced that one taco was left. Citing relevant by-laws, B said that he would like to eat that taco, but was forbidden from ordering only one. Like the miracle of the loaves and fishes, Mother Rye managed to transform the single taco into two.  

Many important matters were discussed at the taco table. The report from the recent Long Ride Productions meeting determined that a Kwalifier ride will be knocked out within weeks. Most importantly, throw out available dates if you want to be a part of this season's marquee ride: Mt. Rose to Kyburz with a planted camp site. 

Given the early hour, a small contingency continued to Powells, causing this ride reporter to undertake the Camino climb twice in one day (although it is open for debate if it was twice on Tuesday or twice on wednesday).


  1. You know I carry an extra wheel in my pack.

    Damn, you guys are having too much fun without me. I'm committing to an early ONE! for next week.

    1. Best way to get a preemptive ONE! is to do the call-out. Aren't you an administrator now?

  2. I would say high probability it was me rolling the stop, but I spare the kit for Tuesday's and CX races, both distant memories. I think some of you were on the skinny tire ride where I rolled that sign in front of a CHP and got a loud speaker finger wag.

    Post Op check out today, hopefully a thumbs up review.

  3. CHP just failed to yield for me at a crosswalk down town. F 'em.

  4. I am pleased to see you were enjoying the X Factor sauce without me. I am also pleased to know that I have masterminded a public relations campaign for timeliness, being that I have a degree in Communication Studies and all.

    Road ride was good. Holy crap it was far from a easy spin however. Those dudes, Green Fro included, were f'ing charging. Of course I couldn't stand to just sit back and spin... had to push the pace whenever possible, most all attacks were countered, making for a ride that easily reached race pace on a number of occasions. The post ride burrito was delicious and the salsa spread, which I texted a photo to B of, was delicious. Of course he didn't see it on Tuesday 'cause he didn't have his phone. I did hear him pull a roll by of my house tho, shouting for Booker all the while, around 11:00pm Tuesday night. Must have been on the way TO Powells.

    Had some excitement yesterday as a good sized tree fell on our house. Amazingly, damage was minor, no broken windows or anything. I took the latter half of the day off to kick its ass.

    I am assuming that XTeric had permission from the logging company to be up on that log pile next to their heavy machinery, otherwise, I am sure that wouldn't be up as cover photo.