Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It must be spider mating season

Captain kindly waited at the Squito Lot for me, B, and Long Dog.  Long Dog had his boot removed and paw showing positive signs of recovery.  After loading the bike up, B, securely mounted the FT3 bib shorts flag on Captn’s truck.  We were greeted by Xterric at the Knott Lot with his trusty new (3 week old) Titanium bike.  To accommodate his through axle, Xterric had a special setup in his truck.  Local Unknown took a glance at us and drove off:  later to return with his cellphone, making the group 5 strong.   Pre-ride discussions included what helmets are great (Squish, you missed out on the fabulous discussion).  In short, buy a comfy helmet and one that works with your light.  Don’t buy Captain’s helmet, it may leave you with helmet marks 4 tacos in.

Local Unknown was properly handed ride leadership and he took us on some great trails around the qualifier.  Some of the trails included rock garden, 1A, and other fire roads leading to and from the lake.  Captain punctured his rear tire (lack of sealant) up a climb and it reminded him of his shared flat with Xterric on the Folsom to Placerville ride.  Xterric and I offered help to any of the riders that need to install tubeless tires as we both have air compressors.  Send us a back channel if interested.  At 8:20PM near the lake, Local Unknown handed over ride leadership to the remaining group (Xterric, B, Captain and me).  We jointly agreed to complete clockwise lake loop taking the horse trails, towards upper Palin’s.  This is when we were greeted by the tarantula spiders.  Two were on the lake loop and Captain encouraged them to reside off the trail.  After completing upper Palin’s the group attempted the XXX climb by the first dam a few times and returned to the Lot via backdoor.  Captain almost rode into 2 webs with 2 more spiders but went around them back to the lot.  Long dog was excited and happily greeted us upon our return.

In remembrance of our fallen heroes and brave fellow Americans 11 years ago, someone should have ordered a 9-11-01 but no one took that order.  Tacos were great as we were presented with special green salsa to accompany our taco order.  It was a great night of riding and everyone had an awesome time!!

On the ride, I realized that I don't have contact information for a few riders so if you're interested in having an informal FT3 directory, let me know in HCF (hidden comment field) and I can put something together and get it out to everyone.  This way back channels can include everyone.  Thanks!

GPS ride info:
15 miles (I started the GPS late so maybe 15.5 miles)
Departed 6:50PM, 2hr 35 minute total time
4,600 ft climbing


  1. Looks like another fine FT3 ride was had. My choice to opt out of the Tuesday proved a wise one. In the wee hours of the morning as the trail dust was settling around the lake and taco farts were in full swing my little girl started letting us know it was about time to come into the world.

    At 12:25pm after a quick labor our baby girl Emilia Cate Bas Hamilton was born! Being almost four weeks early we were a little concerned but at 17 lbs 3 oz. and 19.5 inches long she is super healthy. Life is good!

  2. Nice work on the write up and photo log Safety. The only thing I would add is that - in addition to the spiders - we experienced another first. "Self proclaiming spotters". Spiders AND Spotters. Yes, we have seen spotters before. But these spotters actually identified themselves by saying "It's Tuesday!!!" when we passed by. Yes, the locals are aware of our presence on Tuesdays.

    Congrats to squish who, it appears, has a baby girl of record porportions. 17 lbs 3oz might be a world record. Did you make it out for the last Fall Flash series race and claim the title, on the day of your daughter's birth?

    September 23rd - Sac CX #1.

    Who is in?? So far, in addition to me, Green Fro is committed...any others? Friday the 21st is my birthday so this is a birthday race celebration. C'mon FT3ers, get yer cross on!!

    1. Ha, I meant 7lbs 3 oz. Thanks for the warm thoughts. No I did not make it to the last race and my crash DNF from the week prior knocked me out of my 2nd place standing, oh well. I did mention to Kristina that if she could move things along I could make the start of the race. She did not think that was too funny...