Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ride Report in Retardo

Ok, before you go reporting me to the PC police, or accuse me of insensitivity towards those mentally challenged individuals in our community, note that this spelling includes an "o". Anything ending in "o" is generally Spanish or Italian. In this case, it's the latter, and it refers to being tardy or late. And, coming in by the weekend, that is just what this ride report is.

Our Tuesday gathering was nearly half of the previous week's attendance. NoHandle, B, UL, and I were met at the Knott by our own Xterra podium finisher. We celebrated his success by electing him ride leader, and off we went. Our tour included a backdoor drop of the scree and baby head laden horsey trail to the spillway, then back up to MET and second dam. From there, we made a CCW lake loop via the upper equestrian sections, and then down the bottom of the lips. At the bridge, we headed up for Barnesback (Unknown peeled off here) and then a long tour of PC out to MET. We crossed the street and headed for the Cache. Yes, Xteric had set us up for a long ride that would include a drop of Cappy's namesake, just to honor him in absentia. We looped back to MET and then made our way back to the top of the Rufus rage. In a twist, our RL chose to drop the now torn up and unmaintained features down to lower equestrian and finally the pay parking lot.

From there, it was an easy roll back to tacos. Well, except that our X needed to demonstrate proper climbing technique on his signature STEEP and loose climb at the far end of the first dam. He clearly owns that, as was evidenced by his hooting and hollering at the top. We regrouped at the lot and moved on to the taco portion.

Mother was happy to see us at a decent hour (before 10, I believe). Tacos were exceptionally fresh, less greasy for bottom barrel faire, and full of veggies. Our taco bake bitty complained of inconsistency in the orders/numbers. Some of us have ordered 4-2-1, and there was some confusion as to whether that was 2 beers and 1 rye, or vice-versa. I set the record straight and then blamed our newest members.

This is Labor Day weekend, so all have various plans. I look forward to RR reports from any/all who get out over the long holiday. Cappy will be rolling up the RR grade from Folsom on Sunday afternoon. I plan to meet him somewhere for an out/back. Any other takers?

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  1. Thanks for the RR, Council. No doubt everyone enjoyed a few bicycle adventures over the weekend. I though about riding, but instead picked at wallpaper with a pen knife.

    Is anyone feeling the callout? Can I say ONE here, or do I have to wait?