Thursday, September 27, 2012

Return of New Guy (Lars), Bambi & Nosauce

I offered shuttle services and B and Long Dog gladly accepted the ride to the Knott. 
. . . and then there were 6! Lars, Local Unknown, Nosauce and Bambi met us at the lot, and just about when we departed, Xteric called in saying he'll be joining us late.  So Lars led us up a few loops around the qualifier area where we met Xteric on the trail. Then there were SEVEN!  Lars continued to ride around the Lake taking the upper trails on the east side.  There were no mechanicals to slow us down so Local Unknown stayed for the whole ride (and departed prior to Tacos). 

At Tacos, great conversations were had.  Bambi was mistaken for Captain and Xteric offered 2 tacos, one of which I had (Thanks Xteric).  A fine evening of great riding took place!

Sunset took place around 6:50PM so I didn't take photos on the ride.

Departed: 6:45PM,
10.7 miles,
1 Hr 37 minutes total
 2,900 ft climbing

Unless other plans have changed, the tentative ride (49, cronan, EDH, bike trail) this Saturday at 3PM has been cancelled. 


  1. Thanks for the RR, Safety. Sounds like you guys had a good time showing the new guy around. Hopefully he knows we have a tradition, and he will be buying beers next time :)

    On a far more somber note, my 9er fork is Fox'd up! They just quoted me a ridiculous amount to replace lowers, innards, etc. I will be sussing options, but will be rolling a rigid 6er SS in the near future.

    Bottom line: service your fork and treat it with love. After 4 years, mine is ready for retirement. :(

  2. You're welcome for the RR. My bike is over a year old and I have yet to service the fork. Sounds like it may be time to service it.

    I'm not sure who should be more concerned: the new guy picking up the beer tab or Cappy returning to find the huge taco/beer bill that Bambi had be racking up.

    Sounds like a return of the Bianchi.