Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hear ye, hear ye!

What ever happened to the Town Crier? That is what we need. There was some discussion of signal flags, however, with our extreme topography that may limit the communication. Yet, the FT3 Crier could weave the forgotten allies of our town, rousing up all potential riders. Upon the third night of the week, a cyclist with bell, will roll the sleepy streets of the hamlet of P'ville. The FT3 crier, will come forth from Our Lady of the Skinny Tire, and shout to all, to come forth with bike, and ride yonder trails...any takers for the duty of FT3 Crier.

Hear ye, Hear ye!
Bring out your your bikes, bring out your bikes, bring out your bikes! Trail conditions are wet and muddy, wet and muddy. Temps may be cool, cool I say. Ride hard and live long, ride hard and live long...

Tuesday again, good change in the weather, RIDE IS ON.

Mosquito at 5:45...Exit 54?


Until we Ride,


  1. E-54 roll up requested. Two!

    Matt, I don't see the one call out but I will avoid confusion this week and start with two.

  2. Thanks for the reminder Bambi, a quick edit job and I am back on track.

  3. Well, I gotta say one thing: HTFU FT3.
    What is up w/this soft serve attendance.


  4. Do I see a Crier in the making there with the HTFU call out. Notice there is a vast difference between Crier and Peter PP.

  5. Duty calls, I am giving a presentation to the City Planning Commission tonight. I can't believe Bambi has a recent run of attendance and I have missed each one. F%ck.

  6. Five!

    But I have to admit, this old english lingo has me confused on what bike to bring and where the hell we are riding...

    CX on the Streets and Steeps or the Knot?

  7. I think I'll be rolling the snow-cutting narrow tired, CX tonight. I have no reason to believe we would be riding anywhere other than the usual, which includes the exit 54 pickup.
    I'll see all hard men at the Knott Lott.

  8. Fat Tires and Tacos are the call.