Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wet Wet Wet, must be Cross Season!

Less than a week from getting pelted with a blast of uncommon wintery weather, this weekend saw a return to the wet slog known as the El Dorado County winter ride. I kept the laudry running non stop by getting in three outside rides, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a good weekend! A major discovery was found over the weekend as well. A new and not-to-be-named school boasted several different cross workouts. Rock God and I hit it up briefly on Friday and then the site was reclaimed today first by Councilman and Cap'n and then by NoHandle, Rock, and myself. Green Fro made an appearance but had the slicks on the CX machine and headed back down in the the canyons and on home. This not-to-be-named school had some sweet features. We hit some off camber terrain, a legit run up and more mud than most pigs roll in! Did I say I produced some laundry this weekend yet? On top of that, I enjoyed cxmagazines live postings from Cross Nationals. Our local youth phenom Cody Kaiser won the Stars and Stripe in the 17/18 division. No word on Pollock yet for Tuesday, we will see if this most recent storm helps or hurts us.

One last note: Zol joined for today's ride for the briefest of moments...however, it was long enough to share that he is racing Cool in the 24 solo division....HMmmmmmm...that might mean that a true cross canyon duel is in the making...stay tuned for more info.

Until we ride, or at least until I get all my crap cleaned and dried :-)

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  1. Said reclamation of unnamed school was the most fun I've had since attending 30 some years ago. That's right, I'm an alum, and gave Cap'n an abbreviated tour of my stomping grounds. Well, I showed him the library bldg, and the meeting area for Jr. Fight Club. We setup a course, ran a hot lap, and then raced a few laps. I'm proud to say I didn't get lapped, though I fear the good Cap'n backed off a bit. Nonetheless, it was an exhilarating way to spend the morning. Looking forward to the next round of "schooling"...