Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two Thousand Ten or 010?

Whatever you plan on calling the new year and decade, it's on its way. The good news is that unlike the turn of the last decade, this one is not being ushered in with fear and chaos, unless of course your primary news source is FOX! Therefore, this week will be marked with some drunkeness and debauchery while next week will follow with new gym memberships and pledges of a healthy lifestyles. If you are a proud member of FT3, all these goals and resolutions can be met in one evening of riding and taco time! I know that there are those among us that have lofty goals for the new year (I hearby declare that I will finish a Men's B race without being chicked) but it is reassuring to know that FT3 lives a lifestyle that reflects the changes that others want to make. Now this is not to gloat, but just to state that for those of you who show up on Tuesday will need to renew your FT3 membership, talk about racing, gripe about non-cyclist, order tacos and rye while considering upcoming race schedule, and generally admit that Our Lady of the Skinny Tire is a welcoming congregation open to those who show regularly, those that return to us, and any new comers. So show up again, show up after a prolonged absences, or show up with a friend...but show up.

You have to be present to win!

And what are we winning?
Rock God is in the running for Mens 45+ B's
Cap'n is in the hunt for Mens 35+ B's
I may win my private race against all women who race men!
Bambi, with a few rides on the new steed, will likely win a lot.
NoHandle, Bambi, Cap'n and I are starting to look at a repeat in Cool
Team Two?????? Who will it be?
RG and Green Fro will be taking down the road scene this spring.
Will we see the return of Ghost and the massive endurance sessions?
Looks like FT3 is a force amongst the local cycling scene! My resolution is to take FT3 to the next level of legitimacy!

Upcoming rides:
Is there anyone interested in a Hangover CX? I was even thinking of making this more of a race event than a practice session. Set a course, set a number of laps, toe the line, remove RG's wheels and disconnect his cables, and GO! Prizes will be supplied by me, and the award ceremony will take place at Starbucks on Mo Flat. I know there might be some other stuff going on this day, let me know times and we can work around those. Families welcome as we will most likely be using a local elementary school.

Mosquito 5:45...Exit 54 (I believe is out, but it is always worth asking)?


Happy New Year and Long Live FT3
Until We Ride


  1. Dos, Due, zwei, deux, whatever you call it, I'm in! I am taking a vow of consistency, poverty and humility (maybe) for the new year.

    Oh, and my total taco count will incrementally build over the year. When I can put down a 12-6-2, then I've worked hard enough and earned a just reward.

  2. Three, tres, whatever, I am in. I will try to keep the riding hard and the taco/PBR count low. Try as I might, I may not succeed. Ride on brothers, see you this eve.

  3. Hi Guys, my name is Peter, my riding friends call me P3. Can I come out and ride with you tonight

  4. Whoa! WTF, I say no way no P3 on our rides.
    Anyway, who is this?
    I'm in tonight: 4

  5. BTW, regarding New Years Hang Over race, I've been meaning to try out a new location. From Mo Flat, it looks promising, but I have not checked it out too much yet. Between Mo Flat and the new trail and the industrial park/China Garden, there is a field w/tracks through it and piles of dirt, but otherwise vacant. You can enter it from Mo Flat, the trail or China garden. I'm a maybe for the event.

  6. Last ride of the 'Aughts', hope we see a few more attendees. Anyone have an extra light bring it tonight.

  7. I'm out. I'm on the verge of illness and got a controlled bike trail ride in today. That awesome 4+ hour Bambi B-Day ride must have took it out of me. Enjoy Gents!

  8. I'm out. Gotta go biking, taco eating and beer swiggin' with some of the non-spandex crowd.
    Have fun with Peter.
    I'm a maybe for the CX event. Depending on out of town guests and whether the ranking is handicapped for severity of hang over.

  9. I have my vote for the identity of P3, I am just curious if the rest of the scout troop will be joining as well?