Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Call - Out

The Christmas Spirit is alive and well in our household, hope the ghost of Christmas have washed all of your humbug thoughts away as well!

With families and what-not attendance might be slim for the next few scheduled rides. Because I am in such a festive mood, I will refrain from dragging no shows across the carpet (also because I can't make tonight)

Ride #1:
FT3 Tuesday Roll - Out: Tonight will be a standard Tuesday ride. I am out so use the comment field or email thread to decide on location and route. Sly Park still had some snow last week. But there has been more rain and no snow...Hmmm, where to ride?

Mosquito at 5:45...Exit 54?


Ride #2:
Jingle Cross: Thursday December 24th - we will be heading out on a pre-Christmas outing. I vote for a cross ride linking up all the areas discovered in recent weeks.

Departure time 12:30 from the Mosquito lot.


Ride #3:
Post Christmas Birthday Ride: Saturday December 26th - After Santa's dust settles, Bambi welcomes in his next year. All those around are invited to rip the legs off birthday boy on a hilly trek through El Dorado County. Bambi has stated that he likes to go big on his birthday, I am thinking a ride that includes Slug Gulch, Snows, and Prospector! I am mostly thinking about that route because I will be out of town!



Other Notes:
Thanks to NoHandle and family for saying goodbye to diminishing light in proper style. The bonfire started off a bit wet, but by the end the kids were having a blast, the rain stopped, and a good time was had by all. Thanks again for letting us stand around and watch you burn your wood pile!

Sacramento CX is in to pursuing a race up here next year. Let's start scouting out possible locations for them!

Cap'n shared this video of the carnage that ensued at the Golden Gate race rounding Heisman Tree. Just a note about the course, the route goes to your left of the tree not the right! You will notice that the first ride down the hill, missing the line is.... yup Joe, Why Don't You Race A's, Miller. Poor guy, he is taking a beating on our blog and doesn't even know it!

If you haven't seen B's photos of Sunday's CX race, scroll down to the the next posting and take a look. They are fantastic.

Until we ride,


  1. I up for Pollock tonight.

    On the fence for Jingle Cross.

    Definately up for the post christmas birthday ride. I vote for another cross ride. I will do some route research and post sugestions.

  2. I'm in for a lake loop tonight. Is anyone leaving from mosquito?

  3. I'm taking the soft serve route tonight as it is Annette's b-day and I got her a new TV, I am required to watch a movie on it with her. 12:30 is too late for me on 24th, I'll be heading down the hill by then. I should be in for B-Day ride. Bambi, post up the details.

  4. Mom in town, out tonight. Out for Jingle cross too although I might be able to make the Saturday option.

  5. Out tonight. Jingle CX and Saturday B-Day explore ride sound favorable.