Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Late Call out and Ride Report

Winter slammed into the foothills late Sunday night, derailing all the best laid plans for the week ahead. Amongst those plans was the weekly FT3 rollout. Marred with power outages, lack of water, limited transportation options, and general post storm mess, the options for Tuesday's ride were slim. However, without a ride, well...we won't even go there, there will be a ride, no stinking snow can stop that. So I hope this counts:

At six o'clock, in accordance to the cell phone "call out" I attempted to make, I mounted the trainer and started spinning. I believe that several other FT3 riders also rode either on a trainer, around the yard, or in the garage, thus making the first ever remote locations FT3 ride. I attempted to push the point thus giving us the greatest chance for an official ride by placing the bike and trainer in the middle of the yard, in two feet of snow, and rode until I couldn't feel me feet. I also mounted the light and tried to make it feel like a "real" outdoor ride. Casting a good glow across the yard gave the kids an additional session of snow playtime and actually boosted the DTI. That's right folks you heard it hear first, last nights ride actually HELPED the domestic situation! The wife thought I was certifiable for riding the trainer in the snow, but she didn't seem to mind that the kids were outside playing. I am awaiting photo or written confirmation from other riders. As long as one other sole was spinning away at 6ish we are good! Might I add that we made tacos for dinner and had PBR's getting cold in the snow! It was as official as we could get.

I ended up having to run into to work today, sorry Rock God, but the glacial effect on Excelsior makes transportation prior to noon pretty tricky. However, I did run on our fail safe winter route, the section of trail soon to be claimed by the El Dorado Trail between Main Street and Forni. Got good news and bad: Good is that it was absolutely beautiful this morning. Bad in that there is a considerable number of downed trees making the route pointless to ride. However, a look at the weather indicates a much warmer storm coming in and the rain may wash away a fair bit of snow...stay tuned!

Hope all the power and what not comes on soon...

Until we ride,


  1. Might I add that B was climbing out of some not to be named Bowl after making first tracks. That almost counts a quorum right there!

  2. My cycling has suffered due to this weather event, but it should not go w/out note that Rock G and I put in 3 solid hrs in pre-storm crappy weather which started out w/iced over sleet covered and wet roads (the SOB had the nerve to ride w/out a fender) out Newtown Rd which gave us a nice soggy rest of the ride (most of which we found mainly dry but cold). I thought I had HTFUd but now I'm feeling the need to grow a mustache. I'm glad RG was hard enough to join me and prevent me from wussing out of a much needed ride.

  3. In accordance with the aforementioned call out, I mounted my rig (and trainer) at 5:30 and rode for at least 45 min. I have no pictures, but Rob Kopitzke stands as a witness to the endeavor. I had a PT appt at his clinic last night, and used the opportunity to contribute to the remote locations ride.

    Once safely home from Folsom, I cracked a cold beverage and saluted one and all.

    Speaking of B, we haven't heard much from him lately. I'm assuming this little front produced enough of the white stuff to warrant a string of dawn patrols. My envy runs deep, compadre.

    If next week is an urban assault call out, the Man Cave will be open for post ride festivities.

  4. I rode as far as I could in my yard, back and forth in the garage, and caught up on some bike maintenance.

  5. Death Ride registration opens at 10:00 tomorow morning for those interested. You need an account with their site before you can register so make sure and do that before start trying to get in.

  6. So I was a little late on the call out, but I did get the trainer ride in. With no power and no heat on Tuesday it was a tough push but the bike was on the trainer. I put in a solid hour last night while enjoying Pure Sweet Hell (thanks RG, unlike Transitions... it was actually good). I am doing a snow CX lunch ride today if there are any takers. It will involve some serious ass interval training. Being snowed in shall not stop the training but shall be a reminder that it is cross season! I also want to give a shout out to the Barton kids who were total troopers through two and a half nights without heat or power.

  7. Its official, with at least four of us on trainers, one climbing on skins, and many others shoveling...ride #eightysomething is in the books as official.

  8. Anyone know who this is? This appointment only shop is in P'ville.

  9. It's Kendall McCann. Used to work at the Spoke. He is/was Patrick's neighbor, off Lindbergh.