Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Here I am a few days out from the conclusion of the Tour de France and a month or so removed from the World Cup...what is a non-traditional sport fan to do at the end of the an epic summer of sport. I guess I will have to find a way to get excited about football season. No, wait, what am I saying? Cross season is right around the corner! I am good to go.

No ride report from Sunday. I was climbing out of a tent when folks would have been meeting and I have not heard yet if there was a ride or not.

As for today, make sure you are hydrating and eating well, because we have a "beauty" in store tonight!
When the ride starts to get hard and you question why you decided not to take up golf just remember the fine words of one of cyclings true heroes!

Mosquito at 5:45 (prompt) Exit 54?

Until we ride,


  1. Two.

    Waiting for the Spoke to call and tell me my new seat post has arrived. They said it would come today...

  2. Three.....

    I am long over due for an FT3 mountain ride.

    B, those habaneros are legit!!!

  3. Four. Rose at 5:30am to complete and submit the final project for my class so I am now free to ride!! Is it 5:00pm yet???

    Lars, there is this cool thing called baseball happening now, you should check into it.

  4. 5. And a hearty Amen to your tweet on Daniel Shore. A finer Sr. News Analyst there never was/will be.

  5. Had he lived longer, I'm sure he would have aimed his vitriol towards Obama and co. Always easier to blame the last guy on shift...

  6. Today marks two times on the blog hidden comment field that I have been in the dark about the reference of supposed famous people.

    Does anyone besides B and I know who Buster Posey is? Maybe I will feel better if the answer is no. Not sure about that though.

  7. Daniel Shore, Buster Posey, Baseball...
    The comment field is filled with mysteries.

  8. 1st base, SF Giants. Matt tweeter about the recent demise of a legendary newsman, Daniel Schorr. He was famous for securing the first TV interview with Nikita Khrushchev, covering watergate, and other journalistic feats. I'll defer to B for a description of his later years...

  9. I just had a conversation with Xteric as well. He generously offered to let me ride one of his bikes since it appears my new seat post will not arrive on time.

  10. While Buster does occasionally play first base, he is actually a catcher.

    "one of his bikes..." I love it!!

  11. Is it five yet, sure feels like it.

  12. Sadly out, but gladly out of town the remainder of the week w/family (near and far).
    We'll be up on Mt Shasta's east side and will even take in Cap'n Jack's Strong Hold.
    Long live DS.
    Baseball is not really a sport it is closer to rock music, they get the chicks, get paid well and continue to play until they are old. But I've played a lot of the game and unless you are pitching, hitting or catching, you are picking your nose. That is 15 of 18 on the field not to mention the dugout. Anyone got some dip?
    NoHandle, out.

  13. Baseball = Rock Music, I love it. Like B with the Slams, (did you forget to mention slam dancing?) ...I like both. However NoHandle, you have clearly been out of the game too long because there are only 9 on the field at any given time, plus one batter, which leaves only 7 nose pickers. The rest are in the dugout (backstage).

  14. something about 18 seemed wrong, I guess I was thinking about a real sport like basketball where offense and defense play at the same time. Have fun tonight boys, sounds like a great crew.