Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On the Prowl

Apprentice Blood:
I am much more at ease this today do to the parking lot wrenching performed by Cap'n on my CX bike. Apparently my apprentice program continues, as the loose headset, yes it was simply a loose headset, was giving me grief. You know there is something to be said about running shoes...they just don't break! Thanks Cappy, the next several weeks are full of CX racing and the Poprad will be race ready!

Aren't rules meant to be broken? This is indeed the first Tuesday of November and therefore a SSCXFT3 outing. However it is also the Tuesday of much anticipation. The winter rains have begun to fall in ernest and then there has been good sun to help absorb all that water leaving trails in the best condition we have seen since, well, since last year at this time. I will be the first to admit to breaking ranks and publicly state that, at least for me, tonight is a night for a 9er!

I will also proudly display my, "I Voted" sticker on the ride tonight. That's right yet another major event that falls on a Tuesday. Don't forget to vote.

I don't have a black and orange kit, nor is my beard long enough to dye black. I am also thankful that there was no FT3/World Series conflict! Go Giants.

Pre-Peter Warning
I am a part timer tonight. I have to jam post ride! It's no peter but a parenting duty that calls.

Things are not always as they appear
Upon the Sac CX series web site there is a posting of a relatively "cold" lap being done at the site of Saturday's race. I have been surprised to hear the amount of criticism of this video and the possible course. Yes the video is boring and there does appear to be a fair bit of flat grassy elements. However, there are often elements lurking in the background that are not always the first thing to grab our attention. I will be ready to roll on Saturday on whatever course is presented. Furthermore, I expect to be surprised at the new venue, aware that what is hidden in the background often comes to the front on race day and attacks with vigor! Weather looks great for a week of training and weekend of racing. Keep your wits about you and look deeper, the surface appearance is not always the most exciting part!
Calendar Updates
If you are into riding and racing, November is your month:
Nov 6th: Sac CX Series #3
Nov 7th: BASP Series #2 (Cap'n is racing here)
Nov 21st: Sac CX Series #4 (1st Lange Twins Event)
Nov 22nd: TGFT3
Nov 28th: BASP Series #3 (Annual Golden Gate Park Race!)
Dec 4th: Sac CX Serios #5
Do some DTI work early, because it will be in the dumps by the end of the month!

Until we ride,


  1. Three. I will be breakin rules and celebrating.

    Sign in word = sceshic. Seshic spelled wrong.

  2. Four. As a law abiding citizen, it will be difficult to not look askance at the irreverent behavior of some FT3ers. I'm down for the roll up.

  3. Five. I too was contemplating my sweet carbon 9er so I too will join the lawless on this day of democratic process. Yes, my votes are in.

  4. Funny, I just received a robo-call, advising me to thwart the rules and join the revolution. I think Proud Mary was playing in the background, but I can't be sure. That said, I am IN and rollin' the big (fat) wheels.


  5. Welcome back c'man. Can't wait to see your moves tonight. You buying the PreBRs.

  6. If you're referring to Tango, bailo suavemente! As for my bike skills, I will endeavor to stay upright. Indeed,

    I will supply PreBRs.

  7. Why let the whims of the unwashed heathen affect steed choice? I will be ready at 16:15 for pre-preBRs.

  8. That photo is fake, that is a real California Mountain Lion tho. They're our there!


  9. Lucky 7! I'm in.

    B's picture library puts Saturday's CX course in perspective, nuff said.

  10. Let me see if I can tie all this together:

    We have among us a diverse body of citizen riders. Some are lawless, some law abiding and self-righteous, and some just go by Lawler. Nonetheless, all are voting for more (or less) grass, the lifting of or adherence to CA environmental protection laws, a billionaire or a bogart for Gov'na (see grass reference above), and a host of other local issues. Some of our constituents went to NV to help resuscitate Harry Reed's campaign whilst others were seen hiding behind a mask of confusion this last Sunday. Most, if not all, have some article of clothing with the Belgian flag on it, and aren't afraid to wear both tights and long socks while waving a cowbell in the middle of some pasture. Which brings me, at last, to the McRib sandwich. As a recovering JW, I made regular Sunday visits to the golden arches. I especially like the shredded onions and slightly tangy yet sweet BBQ sauce. If only I'd known about PBR back then. Now THAT's a happy meal. I pray they honor old man Kroc's memory with this iteration.

    How did I do?

  11. Like a councilman placing his finger on the pulse of his constituents.

  12. Once I spent a ridiculous amount of time wandering around the area of the hole in the ground ride because there was so much snow we lost the trail. After wandering for hours and long after the last peanut butter cup was divied up, we came upon a fireroad. Fortunately for us, that fireroad lead us back to civilization. Glad to see B and friends did not suffer a similar fate.

  13. Clue: they often knock on doors like Kirby salespeople. There was a funny SNL skit starring Jon Belushi and Gilda Radner. It featured a character knocking on the door and posing as a JW...

  14. Is this true or part of a publicity stunt created by some PR hack to help you gain credibility among the believing masses.

  15. I am a politician, and as such, I never lie. Once upon a time, I too clung to guns and religion. I gave up the guns, but I'm still a believer. I just don't frequent the sacred house. Sorta like Meg; she still believes in the promise of the golden state. She just failed to vote for most of her residency here.

  16. Jaguar Whisperer. Tough job. Those cats don't like you blowing in their ears.

  17. Man the hidden comment field blew up today!

    I will be keeping with my trend lately and running late.

    Matt, what is the proposed route? If I cant get there at reasonable time I will try and find the group en-route.

  18. There is noone named Matt on this blog that I know of.