Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chaining the Guard

The winds of chain are indeed blowing as this your Cap'n's first official post to the FT3 blog. This chain, however, unlike a chain on one of B's heavily abused singlespeeds is not broken... only slightly bent. This chain has taken a turn on the cog of time and the links of FT3 are taking on a new shape. They will soon grow up to be blog worthy, race ready, and will conquer the steepest, muddiest, dustiest and coldest slopes. Without further adieu, post number one rolls on;

Tuesday Ride Report submitted by C-Man;

Steeps and Streets, continued...

After realizing the W in SKTPBJCXW referred to Wednesday, I found myself the sole rider for Tuesday night. Given I had the pass, and some time to kill, I did what any FT3 member would do; I went to Cappy's house for beers and food. Following some proper nourishment and pre-ride hydration, I opted to cover what Cap'n had left out of last week's tour. From the EDT, I followed Smith Flat to Broadway and then up Airport Rd. After a short, but steeeep climb, I rolled down to Cedar Ravine. From there, it was over to Texas Hill, and then up again to Newtown Acres. At Newtown Rd, I was supposed to cross over to Still Meadows. As it turns out, the street is actually Ivy Knoll. I made a quick and cold detour South on Newtown looking for both the entrance and a signal. Once I got Google Maps up, I turned round and headed back to Ivy Knoll. Up, up, and more up until I found a dead end in someone's yard, and then the connection to Still Meadows and eventually back to the EDT. The ride back to the house was fast, and nearly involved a T-bone with a deer. And to think, my wife was worried about mountain lions.

Despite the odd stares and the concerned neighbors in Still Meadows, it was a good bit of nighttime work. With near freezing temps, I anticipated ice, but encountered little to none. I think I saw 5 cars the entire ride. To add that piece to the Steeps and Streets tour would make for a long night. We'd have to fill No-cars other bag with dinner.

Folsom Cyclocross Report Submitted by yours truly:

Put the "F" In Cyclocross

FT! FT!! FT!!!!!! The boys at the heckle zone at last nights Folsom Rodeocross race did FT3 proud. Beer handups abound, cheers and jeers roared, and these guys made it seems like we were racing in a small town on a cold night in Belgium. Lars and I thoroughly enjoyed our racing experience at last nights Rodeo Cross and we represented well, keeping the hecklers happy by taking all available handups. The course was a legit mix of pave and dirt with plenty of tight turns, technical sections and a couple not-too-sloppy mud pits. I personally, was more proud of my ability to keep the hecklers happy than of my ability to keep up with the three other A's in a small but fast group. They dropped me shortly after the first lap, but I am proud to say that only one single speeder came by me after that. Lars had a an excellent start and a good race although he lost a chain and had to fight hard through the fodder to regain position. There are only two races left and Lars and I feel strongly that a bigger group of FT3 riders needs to get down there and represent hard for the next two races. The Folsom Breakout boys expressed interest in a cultural exchange as they typically ride on Tuesdays as well, we may need to take a ride with them and vice-versa in the future.

Ride like the wind,


  1. We need handup stations on all FT3 outings.

  2. I thought the handups during the tour de steeps were received with less than wholehearted enthusiasm. If we want to wear our jerseys with dignity, than handup consumption should definitely become part of the FT3 training regimen.

  3. Nice work Cappy, good start to a new role.
    C'man you are to be honored for your solo effort on Tues. Thanks for keeping it real.
    Rodeo cross sounds great, I'm considering it for this week pending DTI balance and payback to debt ratio.

    RACE REPORT: Lars and I kept it real on Sat up in Grass Valley for what I would rate as the most fun course I've raced, maybe a tie with SF. The course had plenty of climbing but even more technical stuff. The tight off camber and slippery turns had me on my ass three times including the pre ride lap (which I am glad to report in an official modifying the spot that took me out). Unlike Lang Twins course this one actually allowed us to apply some skills other than fitness - which makes the race so much more fun. In the end I Finished 7 and Lars was right behind me finishing the last lap and a half on a flat...solid ft3 throw down, but there were only 11 starters. Lars stands atop of the points race so far for ft3 with cappy on top counting a throwout race. I'm going to try and race the Folsom Cross this weekend.