Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Viva FT3!

FT3 riders, it's Tuesday and that means it's FT3. For some of us it seems like Monday, as yesterday was a little holiday known as President's Day. Hopefully you were all able to properly honor our forefathers with a 'free' day yesterday. The snow report from our resident riding locals is that the 'trails are buried.' Add to that more snow in the forecast and FT3 may need to be creative down the hill, or use snowshoes up the hill this week and in upcoming weeks. What is more important, actually riding bikes or eating tacos? While I am 'looking out' tonight, I will throw out the options to see if the HCF has any takers. Viva FT3!




  1. You just beat me to the post Cappy. The FT3 blog abhors a tuesday vacuum.
    I think the tour de steeps is one of the great FT3 rides. And Powell's has confirmed that we can preorder tacos and they will hold them for our arrival. If it's snowshoeing or xc skiing that everyone wants, I can handle that too.

  2. I am out. Say Hi to Nate at Powells for me.

  3. We could always do a Tour de Peters ride; where we visit all of the "out" FT3ers, and clamor for beer.

  4. Buenos Dias!

    I've been busy representing FT3 with plenty of 'ride' time and tacos down south of the border. This is quite the nice place, perfect wind the last two days enabled me to make some progress under the fine tutoring of Sally Anne and Marie; continuous attempts of getting up and staying on have me worn out, especially the abs.

    Today is a light wind day and I just practiced the rigging the new gear, it's 78 degrees with winds 10-12 from the north, still not enough to hit the water, so I 'have to' lounge around in the sun today.

    I'll tip a few for FT3 tonight, and figure out how to post some pics.

  5. The count stands at two. Like last week, except NoHandle already jumped off the fence. Cross bike?

  6. Back on the Basketball Bug again, awaiting the end of the season. I do recall making tacos last week and exercising to get there. I guess the creative call-outs only count for some!?!?

    I am putting the early call out for a ski/shoe loop of the lake next week to get back to the Knot Hole, should be plenty of snow for any time of gear aside from the two wheeled type.

    Peter out and off to tip off.

  7. Three. My meeting was cancelled. I will only have one head lamp cause I anticipated a meeting tonight and therefore a non-ride. Well, I am back in now. Thank goodness, lest my friends call me Peter.

  8. To the back channel texts:
    My road bike still has a busted saddle.
    I plan on rolling my cross bike.

  9. B, I will take you up on some ski's if the boots fit me. I do have snowshoes if I need to use them.

  10. Cougars win, the B-ball marathon continues...