Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whole vs Hole

Yeah, I will work on the spelling and grammatical errors. I consider the FT3 blog more of a "stream of consciousness" thing than a crafted literary work anyway.

Ride #56 was a perfect summer transition ride. The weather, or is that whether, seems not be cooperating with the change in season, but you will not find this north country transplant complaining about that. The dust is down and the trails are still super fun. We headed up the Qualifier and out to Barnes Back. We dropped down the Barnes Back climb which is fun, but I think group consensus was that the route is better hill than down. From there we rolled around the lake, bypassing the Lips and headed up the Horse Trail. After showing some progressing bike skills, noted by Rock God, I was back to my old ways with the foot taps. Maybe I am just a dancer at heart. With the trails in such nice condition, we headed part of the way up Rufus' Ridge to hook up the the fun little descent in Fleming (two m's or one, I really don't know and actually don't care, you all know what I am talking about). From there we returned to the Knot Hole via the Keep'n it Real route and rounded the ride off with a few more attempts at _______________ (Cap'n this is yours for the naming).

The little technical challenge discovered last week proved a good conclusion to the ride. I don't know about the rest of you, but the return to age 12 and watching your buddies catching sweet air on the BMX bikes was awesome. With ample yells of "Car" when necessary, most everyone (I did not attempt this mover) took a stab at the little crux. NoHandle was going at it with such intensity he was blowing the tire right off the rim. In-Law seemed to thing that his superior height off the ground would be the ticket...nope. Both Rock God and Councilman showed some early promise but were unable to cap the deal. Most everyone had at least one good crash in the attempt. We had all but given up and most were up the trail or heading to the car when Cap'n took one more shot, negotiated the gap, hit the incline with some momentum, and then oh crashed head first into the bush in a nice display of flexibility and balance managed to run off the front of the bike...But that was it sports fans, no rightful Cap'n gets that close to a goal and then fails, nope failure was not an option, the sweet sent (cent?) of victory was in the last go! With a car rambling down the hill and no time for set up or pause, Cap'n hit the trail one last time. Good motion over the gap, good momentum, excellent avoidance of said bush, and a little "I think I can, I think I can", and that was it! It is an undoable obstacle no more and Cap'n drank the beers to prove it. Seeing how I would not even try this feat, Cap'n earned a well deserved, Spot on, Mate!

Going Bezerker!
Ghost joined us for tacos and provided some of his own hot sauce offerings again. Cap'n and Ghost went deep into the Bezerker and well, Ghost paid the price, there appeared to be some real pain taking place across the table. NoHandle took a stab at the Bezerker and was silent for about 15 minutes, first words were, "yup, that's hot!". Watch the news tonight for an explosion that rocks South Sacramento apparently coming from the direction of a lone electrician...hope you make it through the day. I think I shorted the Knot Hole some money, even picking up the beer bet I lost to NoHandles my bill was really small...did someone get stuck with a few extra tacos? Oh well, I guess we give them some consistent business on Tuesdays!

Mt. Biking vs Golf
It a no brainer in my book, give me wheels any day over a stupid club. But I will leave it up to an expert to explain why golf is so dumb!

Weekend Plans:
I am riding pretty light this weekend. Any rides I need to post? Ghostrider, what is your race schedule, I will get that up so we can get a pit crew out?

Thursday night drinking events: It appears that Cap'n has a softball team firing off games starting next Thursday. Although, not playing, I do see this as a great opportunity to work on my chatter and drinking skills...MMMmmmmm Ducks in the pond! Any takers??? First game 6/18 time?????

Until We Ride Again!

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