Friday, March 12, 2010

Best Job In The World

There has been some discussion of late acknowledging the "coolness" of a job that allows you to ride your bike for pay. NoCar and B have both shared many a tails of work related trail or infrastructure inspections done by bike, and Cap'n has his own tails of riding FOR work. But this may take the cake. As Google builds its data base of cycling friendly trails and the street views of those trails, someones got to "get the job done!" I, for one, am considering a career change if a Trail Trike shows up in P'ville, or better yet, in Pollywood!

Speaking of Cool, it is going to be a Cool weekend! The Cool Mt. Bike race fires off on Sunday, potentially under sunny skies and temps in the mid 60's. RG is out in Madera showing them how to get it done in a stage race. He is equipped with some prime TT bars and a pointing helmet form the Ironman days. On a final note, I will be doing a Cool Double this weekend with the Mt.Bike race on Sunday and the 50k run on Saturday.

Until we ride,

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