Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The return of our wet friend!

I guess I am going the throw the "One" out there, but man is it ugly. Wet and windy conditions will mark the day. After a few weeks of perfect weather, I guess there is still reminder of how nasty it can be this time of year.

If you are thinking of not attending tonight, just remember that race season and some big races are just around the corner. Sea Otter and the 24 hr are curious if you're riding?

Corrections from Sunday:
1)As pointed out in the after hours hidden comment field yesterday, Cap'n was the KOM on Slug on Sunday. I was scanning the forest floor for a good spot to take a nap, and failed to see who got to the top first.
2)In accordance to PA road code, B confirmed the state of death in some road kill by running over it again!
3)There is no fire station just passed Indian Diggins School!

One (I think).

Until we ride,


  1. 1.25 - I'll do a road ride role up at best.
    I've got an early flight tomorrow AM and am not packed. So, if I can get packed, get kids in bed and then sack up for a wet road ride I'll be up for Tacos. If I roll up, I'll roll from Mosquito and be looking for a ride back down the hill.

  2. `3. The numbers are getting confusing, and I definitely don't want to sign up for B's alternative event.
    I guess the "wet friend" who returns is PPP.

  3. You know B, your on to something. The Shaolin Monks have perfected such antics, it's true I learned about it in my asian studies course in college. They actually can pull their testes inside their bodies to allow for repeated striking of the crotch without the typical negative effects.

  4. I am out tonight. With the sickness I carried around on sunday now in my lungs, I opted for a controlled 'weather free' lunch ride. Alas, I was pummelled by a fast moving hail storm. That said, my record of foul weather tuesday rides still holds. Hopefully the fact that I "visibly manned up" according to B for Sunday's ride will give me some street cred for tonight's abscence. If not, I will wear street shorts next week to make up for it.

    RG, I think it was the handshake with a lung butter sporting Ghost last tuesday that sunk us...

  5. I'm out & will do some sort of controlled ride myself, probably the trainer; I'm trying to avoid migration from head snot to lung butter.

  6. Wow, Cap'n that is a lot of defensiveness, what ever gave you the idea that someone would give you shite about not showing up - certainly nothing I've ever said - not! That said, I am too feeling the bad signs of sickness, but I'm playing dumb about it.

  7. Life away from the friendship, as if the sun be removed from life.

  8. I gues I am Four. I have already spent most of the day on the shoulder of 50 in snow, hail, and rain so why not ride in it.

    As for sickness I think I rode mine into submission on sunday. It feels good to finaly be coming back from that crap.

  9. Fenders are on the road rig. I'll be rolling up on skinny tires. Do I have a ride home?

  10. Not "Home" but back to Mosquito lot.