Monday, March 22, 2010

Notorious B.I.K.E

It appears that FT3 is becoming a fairly well known cycling entity. Although they may know we exist, no one, outside the inner circle, knows the secrets of FT3. It might be pointed out that entry into the inner circle only requires one to conquer the Qualifier...will there be any takers this week? Be that good or bad, I am happy to be part of the mystery of "those guys that ride around the lake at night". Before long our cross canyon rivalry will match that of the Biggie Smalls legend! OK, that may be a bit much, but riding a bike fast sure is fun!

Weekend Report:
Green Fro represented on the Nor Cal road circuit. This weekends race included a good climb and the roads of El Dorado County paid dividends as Green Fro took KOM and then hung on for 6th.

Young Samuel placed top ten both days this weekend racing Cat 3's. He is still waiting for his breakout race, but it is bound to happen soon!

RG and I headed out for a good Sunday morning loop. After a short time, we caught onto his team riding a long outing out of Folsom. Unfortunately, one of his team mates suffered a major crash. After getting him cleaned up and in touch with his wife for a pick up, we were off. I was a bit shaky after that, never fun to have a crash. We peeled off at Brandon Road and enjoyed the 'ol French Town route home. Happy to be home, got a report later on that RG's teammate was doing well, and had already been to the bike shop to get rolling again.

Cap'n and NoHandle fired off the late Sunday afternoon ride. Sounds like the took the Pleasant Valley/Starks/Pollywood loop. No major reports or events. Blue collar outing, punching the clock, well done!

Tuesday's Outing:
There was some conversation to get back to a 5:45 firm departure as the light is good but fleeting. Additionally, Sea Otter is about 4 weeks out and the 24 hour race is six weeks away. There will be some serious training going on during the next few weeks. Keep posted for route options as mileage and time in saddle is the key to results. For Tuesday I am throwing out a classic C and B with Horse Trail exit and a Fleming Tickle ending with Palin's Plunge...I love the fact that I just wrote a sentence that maybe only 4 or 5 other people in the world have any idea what I meant! Long live FT3...who is going to be the first one with an FT3 tattoo?

One! I am pulling the ride only option tomorrow, got a bit of a big day on Wednesday. I'l meet you guys at the lot.

Until we ride,


  1. TWO

    Members of the 'Hammerin Wheels' group know who we are and apparently what we're all about as their members dare not show.

    WIll we see ten riders tonight? Double digits?

  2. Forget about the chili, I want that hat! WMD's are housed at the Knot Hole!

    Now that is a hot chili!

  3. Three!

    Rolling gears tonight on the Ti9er, maiden voyage #2.

    I found a possible CX venue on my Sunday ride extension, in town no less; we'll discuss this evening and plan an official scouting ride.

  4. Howdy high, from the desert town of Green valley, AZ. We're visiting family in a gated, golf-obsessed community just south of Tucson. Have rep'd FT3 well, with a solo SS9er trip to Elephant Head in the nearby Santa Rita mountains. Mel and I will tackle one of the many trails on/near Mt. Lemmon tomorrow. Should boost the DTI, though the mix of desert flora/fauna can make for an interesting trip.

    Hope all are well. We'll be 'goin, goin, back, back to Cali, Cali on Friday.

  5. Nice LL call out on the Hip Hop post. For those that last attended a Grateful Dead concert, I will be happy to bring you up to speed on the hip hop sub culture later.

  6. Having just picked myself up off the floor, due to serious laughter over the Mini MAFIA, I am ready to clarify my post:
    I will be meeting other riders at the Knot Lot!

  7. AT the cost of screwing up the count two weeks in a row, I cautiously throw out a 5 on the assumption that B is an intended 4 (w/out Escalades, rolling w/the homies don't need no cova.)

  8. You guys suck. I am out unless someone voulunteers to babysit the wife and kids. My mom is going home today and Casey's mom is showing up tomorow. I should have planned this better so I wouldn't screw up a Tuesday.

  9. B - Actually if one changes out the 'important parts' you can re-claim your virginity. I consider the drive train 'vitals'.

  10. I have to thank FT3's fellowship and LARZs' hardtail hospitality for fully engulfing me in Man V. Wild-Mud-Eatin-MTB-Craze." I have been demoing full suspension rides every weekend (Clementine Loop, Salmon Falls, etc...)and am working on Stimulus funding before making a sizely investment in future fun. And yes, I must fully qualify the qualifier someday soon.

  11. Did you all hear that?

    That was the distant rumble of the hidden comment field blowing up!

  12. ...I'll be whipping down the left lip
    the FT3 tip
    on the celly, celly with my homeboy, Larz...

  13. It's the C to the A to the P. I. N,
    comin str8 to FT3 with a pad and a pen.

    My homies on my right, my homies on my left, I know they got my back if I stack it on the lip.

    PPP don't come near me, cause I'm hard as hell, I'm F-T-3!!

    Don't look now cause we're on our way, FT3 is here to stayyyyyyyy!!!!

  14. Six!

    The West Ghost Mafia will not be in attendance tonight.

    West Ghost Mafia where you at?!?!?!

    I be essersizin wit da Sly crew tonight! Hells yeah mo fo!

    Ghost out, FT3 fo life!

  15. Fer shizzle, ma nizzle. Ain't nuttin but an FT3 thing, baby!!

  16. I think that Bambi should "tag-out" Lars at the Knot Lot and take the send half of the event in Lars stead.

  17. It is a possibility. I will do my best to get the kids in bed and the wife sufficiently drugged to make an escape. You guys definatley blew up the hidden comment fiedl today.