Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where is Sac Bike n Hike?

Cap'n and B met at the prescribed location for the S2FT3 roll out. NoHandle joined in at the Pollywood parking lot for a small, but rowdy, ride. The course appears to have been in constant debate, which may have led to the extra long, light testing outing. From the sound of things, it appears the HTFU factor led to a 3+ hour ride. The Qualifier was hit, Wedding March was yo-yoed on, the lake loop was Incorporated, Rufus' Rage was attempted, Trevor's Tributary was discovered, the lips were dropped and a road ride exit was necessary based on light life. Sounds as though there was some rehydrating that took place during the post ride change and then a roll into the Knot! Spot on mates! Although the numbers were low for the misty outing, those present did the group proud.

Not to be out done, I got the kids to bed, mounted the lights to the road bike, and hit the road for the Knot Hole. Powering through some rain, wind, and just a hint of the wintry mix, I successfully avoided any mishaps and got to the Knot cold and wet but ready for tacos and beverages.

A note on the institution of FT3: It is worth mentioning that I arrived about 20-25 minutes prior to the arrival of my fellow FT3 riders. I walked into our eating establishment, dripping wet and head to toe spandex. The element worth pointing out is that this spectacle didn't even raise one backwoods eyebrow. I feel honored to say that we have so established ourselves at the Knot Hole that the sight of a soaking wet road rider, awaiting his Mt. Biking friends, riding in the rain and dark is now Par for the Course for a Tuesday night in Pollywood! Job well done.

I heated myself with the 1 portion of my 4-1-1 order and happy devoured some tacos when the rest of the team arrived. The tacos were of a top caliber and the sauce selection was strong. As we rolled home happy to have conquered another rainy night ride, B and Cap'n inquired if I had seen any other riders on the road. Were the Wheelmen out riding, was Sac Bike n Hike there to help me along, did anyone catch my wheel, did I have a chance to catch anyone else...The answer is clear, no one, I repeat no one is out there doing what we do on a regular basis! No one is putting in the hours, no one is toeing the line! With wins and good showings on the road piling up and only 7 weeks left to the 24hr race, we are doing the work that needs to be done.

Until We Ride,

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  1. I saw this quote on Tuesday AM, it almost inspired me to harden up and make the ride. I still thought it reflected those that did.

    The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storms terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. Vincent van Gogh, 1853 - 1890