Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now!

What an amazing thing, to roll out of the parking lot, without illumination! We had ample sun and heat to greet us for the first post "daylight savings time" ride. In addition to light, we saw some familiar faces that have been absent for a bit: VD and Ghost both showed to join Xterric (doing the carpool thang) RG, Bambi, B, Cap'n, NoHandle(supplying HTFU gifts for the 24hr race), and me. Good showing for a perfect night for a ride.

There was some talk about requalifying those riders who had been absent. However, the chance to ride some good trails in the daylight forced the route selection away from the Qualifier. We hit the steep horse trail drop at the first damn (is this trail named?), climbed back up to the road and then headed towards Flemming. The road section got some call outs, clearly I wasn't thinking yet and forgot about some dirt sections, sorry. We tickled Flemming on the northern edge and then headed up Redneck to drop the Left Lip. The L3 was in effect (light left lip) as was Bambi, making a monster move on me just before the transition to tight single track. RG was railing hard and rolled the tire right off the rim, or something like that. We headed around the back end of the Lake Loop, trails were in tip top condition. The group elected to not go up Barnes Back as PC was bound to be muddy. We stayed on the Lake Loop and hit Rock Garden to a Wedding yo-yo and then heading home via Rock Garden 1a. Great ride!

With several riders spent after a weekend of racing and a hard loop tacos were a pretty mellow affair. There was some good conversation around Sawzall technique or destruction and NoHandle shared the HTFU ordering catalog.

The Barnes mobile set the tone for the ride with the mellow and smooth Hawaiian tunes.

K9 Companions: Booker had a new friend in the VD wiener dog (that does not sound good).

After FT3 outings I am often left dreaming of the next ride, I think this guy gets the dreaming part pretty well.
Until we ride,


  1. O kama hohko heemi heeee-yah. Aloha o hah eh eh, aloha oh hah eh heeeeey hey yaaaaah!!!

    It is of gears and pain that we must now speak
    For in this company there is no room for the weak
    It is time for a mighty ride
    For it is far to the other side
    And to the world you shall be known as a freak
    -No O'Handle

  2. On Tuesdays we gather to ride
    And try not to knick up our hyde
    In this we take pride
    So far no one's died
    'though I've had sauce so hot that I cried.

    -B O’ Shanty

  3. Oh the limericks again, how time flies.

    That video is classic, especially the part where he's drafting his kid on the trail in a two rider echelon; I can picture our bike trail in about 5-10 years with our aging FT3 fathers doing the same.

    I tell you I'm battered from crashes on the past two rides, I hope the XX Ti9er cures me of sloppy riding, the conversion is underway.