Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eat Taco's not Newts

I have been staring at a blank blog screen for about the last little while. I am not really sure what to post for today.

The clear topics are:

RG flying off the front of the Snelling race to take his first win of the season. Seeing how he has been going lately I have a feeling that this will be the first of many...Keep up the good work RG and fly the FT3 colors proudly, albeit underneath your road team kit.

Took out the 9er for a initial outing on Sunday with Cap'n and NoHandle. Great bike...the revolution continues (no pun intended). We did encounter some serious wildlife and we serenaded with the distant sound of gunfire! Don't eat this guy. According to web research done by our own Cap'n, PhD in Mt. Bike Lifestyle, using the Sierra Newt as BBQ filler would be a bad idea...The Newt Kabob would result in potential death...The next episode of Man vs. Wild will be in Pollock Pines and feature a Newt attack!

Outside of those topics, I am in a fog. We have been hammered by some serious illnesses in the house and the lack of quality rest is catching up with me. As for tonight, I have no idea on my participation. Sunday was a great outing, but may have been my hall pass for the week.

Exit 54 (also in Sickbay) ??

Mosquito 5:45...

Until we ride,


  1. Yes Bambi is still in sick bay. I only have 3 days of antibiotics left and at this point I am not sure that is going to be enough.

  2. Well the FT3 vibes were in sync on Sunday, my late road ride up Starkes Grade featured my version of a Newt Rescue. I found a poor guy making a road crossing and circled back to place him on safe ground with a small piece of insulation for shelter. FT3 has proven than you can HTFU and be sensitive all in one package.

    I'm on the fence for tonight, no great excuses, just have not got around to washing and fixing the bike from last time; not sure I want to double up on that duty just to thrash in mud again.

    Get well gents.

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  4. --Somewhere between 1 and 3--
    Need I point out to those who have a bike that is older than a week old AND has gears, that tonight is SSFT3. It is almost as if the weather Gods planned it this way for the oh-so trouble free member of the bike stable.
    I feel the pain of all the sickness, this is the first week in many that my clan is doing well, all of us.

  5. Xteric is out. It's my son's birthday today. The big 5! Darn, I guess I don't get to pedal a 26" wheeled bike offroad with only one gear for 2.5 hours in the cold, dark, rain. Have fun guys.

  6. I was feeling like P3 this morning, but fortunately was able to make a rebound.

    Thanks for the appropriate call out B. It's becoming my personal goal to make every rain ride offering this year. I only hope it really is 33 degrees and raining, as predicted.


  7. Councilman is wrapping up a hop/grape tour in the north bay. Out tonight, but will shoot for next Tues. Good show for those that go. Out.