Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who would have guessed...

Granted it was cold, but for most of the ride, it was cold and clear. Fingers and toes suffered but most riders returned to the cars a bit muddy but not dripping water as in rides past. Cap'n, B, NoCar, RG, Councilman, and I left Mosquito for a rendezvous at with some other riders at the lake. Bambi was gathered up at Exit 54 and Xteric and (new rider) XBen were met at the lake. Nine was a strong showing for the cold dark outing. As we had a new rider in the group we headed up the qualifier. At the mid point, Xben and I dropped back to the lake loop to play around with new bikes and lights. The rest of the crew headed up to PC and Wedding March...apparently Billy Idol made an appearance as White Wedding was the song of choice for the snow dusted trail. Thanks to our resident Rock Star, no opportunity goes unnoticed. After a run through the Rock Garden, where B made some interesting route choices, the group gathered again for a tour home along the north shore of the Lake Loop.

Tacos were tasty and sauce selection was prime. There was some discussion of weekend racing and it is clear we will have folks out and about flying our flag high!

So who would have guessed that after seeing the stars during the ride I would awake to find a blanket of snow on the lawn this morning. Good thing we did not stay out for a ride of epic length, or we might still be out there. Again, must I repeat, anything is possible!

Until we ride,


  1. I do loves me some tacos hope y'all are gettin fit for Cool

  2. Nice post up lars. Sorry I missed the big ride last night.

  3. Great cool ride, let's hope this is the last in the 30's and snow; I know I may take back those words in late summer, but right now I'm done tired of being cold. Rock Garden got the best of us, I crashed on the down hill entry, immediately followed by Bambi, no cleans, and B's full dismount.

    Councilman was railing on the Ti9erSS, I had to yell obscenities to reel him back off the front on our return loop.

    Good to have a new member, keep up the training XBen, you'll be fully 'qualified' soon.

    And thanks to all the esteemed young fathers present, I learned all I ever want to know about Potty Training. Actually the tips came in handy for RHW.

  4. Dark, snowy, frigid, gushing rutted stream beds, hairball single track, gooey mud, cayenne embro, tacos and PBR all on my first mountain ride in over a decade.
    I was so pumped after the ride, no sleep was had by this New B.