Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where is my muse?

The sun is helping, but not much. I have not had inspiration of late?

As for tonight's ride...
Pollock appears to be out? Lots of wet heavy snow still on the ground. I think I will be gone soon but tonight may be too soon.

Cable Road CX departure from Bambi's?

P'ville CX adventure?

Who's in for what?



  1. Isn't this SSFT3? There can be no substitutions of CX for SS. Where ever the ride starts I am there.

  2. I will be riding with gears and not in the snow, my winter is over.

  3. I spent a bunch of time last night prepping the Trek 830 for SSFT3. The green michelins look sweet too (thanks NoHandle!)

    Are we sure there is too much snow up there?

  4. Someone needs to call the gate house at pollywood and pretend you are launching a boat and pitching a tent but need an assessment on how much snow is on the ground. Not it.

  5. I called the Knot Hole and got this report:
    Very Sunny but good coverage of several inches off the paved areas...

  6. We need to make a decision here. Sounds like we have a quorom of riders. I'm gonna throw out some options;

    1. Ride in the Snow in Pollywood
    2. Ride the rail trail locally, big out and back and be very limited on after-dining options
    3. Ride Camino/Cable, go to Knot after
    4. Ride Salmon Falls, totally random, but there will be food down there
    5. Ride Auburn or Cool.

    Either way, ride single speeds 'cause it's SSFT3 and we're hard as hell.

  7. I vote for option 1 and 3 because I am as hard as annealed steel.

  8. Easy Peter?

    Bambi, I quote from a seperate e-mail trail;

    "I am jealous you [Cap'n] had a rain free ride. Yesterday I decided I am done with winter. I don’t want it to be too hot yet but I am definitely ready for a change.

    It was cold out Cable."

    Where are we riding tonight gents? I have the single if I need to switch bikes I need to know now so I can do it at lunch.

  9. Gatehouse reports 4-6 inches in places to dry ground in other spots. Given the options and the date, I suggest a proper SSFT3 rollout today as per usual harden the hell up. We've ridden in worse and it is time to draw the line in the mud and snow and ride over it. We can always keep the loop on south facing as much as possible and throw down. I'll even ride up and down MET for all I care, so long as it ends at the KH for tacos and PBR.
    And yes please on the PreBR.

  10. It is 48 degress according to Pollock Pines weather cam and that is with 5 hrs to roll out time. Don't tell me that at least another inch or two of snow won't melt by then if not more, we are past the spring equinox baby, high sun rays and of course the higher water and its impact on the snow due to its energy mass and proximity to trail which B has so aptly pointed out in the past.

  11. D@mn, I can't think of any other group with such a broad array of talents. How you all can switch so deftly between science and sport is beyond me. I will be entertaining company for a few days, so I'm out. I will be bringing bike an sauces next week. May your meteorological/hydrological
    prognostications ring true.

  12. I'll be riding pollyworld tonight. 52 degrees now and dry pavement on pony express

  13. TWO!

    Thanks for taking a lead role in this ridiculousness NoHandle. It's a good thing the michelins are mud tires.

    I will be at the Mosquito lot at 5:45, possibly to head up the hill alone? I can make the E-54 pickup as it sounds like that hard ass is in.

    Those present will be handing out muse for those of you without, especially if you have a 24 hour race to do next month. Maybe Jack Handy will show up at the knott lot.

  14. "It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man."

    ~Jack Handy

  15. Yes, my hard ass is in (that doesn't sound right cappy). Put in an order for Matt's bike today. The spoke will know next week if I get one. Last resort will be gears on the Kona.