Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Canvas

Long time rider B, long time absent Chad, and I hit the Cronan Ranch trails in the tailing light yesterday. It was a great treat to get in a good dirt outing on Wednesday after a FT3 standard Tuesday ride. Feels like a big mileage week!!!! Although my heart is tied to the Pollywood trail labyrinth, and I am occasionally enamored with the Cool network of single track, I must admit, Cronan delivered last night. Aside from the ample "tire conditioning" for B, the trails were mostly dry, fast, smooth and tons of fun. Not much of a ride report as most of the trails were new to all of us and therefore there is not the collective understanding to accurately detail where exactly we went. However, there are indeed some highlights from riding at Cronan. This area does not shy away from the short steep climb that kicks ya right in the teeth, these are often followed by a similar descents, which gives that area a unique yo-yo aspect, very little flat cruising. We also discovered the trail connecting Salmon Falls to Cronan...after exploring down this trail for a few miles, it appears to be open as no signs were visible stating otherwise. This would make for a great long outing to link these two systems up in a single ride...Sunday anyone? I know FT3 has ventured here before, it was new to me and I am itching to go back.

Speaking of itching...friends restock your shelves with Technu. The Poison Oak is out in force and with the forecast for the next few weeks, the "poison" may be reaching its peak for the 24hr race. It was healthy, trail side, and thick last night and I only see this getting worse. I bathed in the Technu last night and no itch yet...I am hoping for the best.

15 days until race day! Unless you are racing Sea Otter...go RG!!!

Until We Ride,

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