Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It was wet so we rode it until we couldn’t stop. Then we ate tacos.

We need some sort of ride report, lest our efforts slip quietly into oblivion.

Moments of note that I recall:
  • Bambi took a hard impact into a large rock. Bruised and bleeding, he rode on anyway without complaint showing his annealed, hard-ass, FT3 riding style.
  • Group consensus was that this was the wettest ride to date that did not take place under precipitating skies. Some even proposed it to be the wettest ride without any such caveat, but Captain and I know better than that.
  • NoHandle, who was the Acting Ride Leader, proposed a new addendum to the by-laws. Riders with multiple gears shall not fly off the front on SSFT3 nights. Is it the rider or the bike? Hmmm ...
  • We rolled in a respectable 6-pak last night. NoHandle, Captain, Bambi, RG, Xteric and myself comprised the pack.
  • NoHandle can probably give a better route description than I
  • Brake pressure was at a premium last night, with at least a few riders having a bit of trouble keeping their speed in check at times
Thank you B for the write-up.

Until we ride,

Addendum #1:

Speaking of 6-packs, I believe a 12 pack of mostly pre-BRS was consumed before and certainly finished afterwards.

The by-law was only in effect if the geared rider was the ONLY geared rider, if more than one was present, then all bets are off.

Route: Drop down to lake, up to road kill to back door over to classic flemming #8 and ass drag back home. Short mileage but lots of work.

(Thank you he "Without Handle" for the clarification and elaboration.)


  1. For the record: I slogged up snow covered Fleming with all the SSFT3 Hard Men. I made the gap on the Fleming Downhill! Going forward, will I have to lock out my forks, add air to my tires, disable a brake, and carry a 5 pound dumbbell to even things out 'that time of the month'?

  2. Pactimo Order Notice!

    I received word that the FT3 Jersey order will be ready to ship next week. The balance of payment is due before shipment.

    I need balance of payment by this Sunday evening (11 April), preferably in person during the Paris Roubaix / Flanders re-run viewing party.

    Your balance can be found at this link. Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. RG, I'm just jealous of your prowess. And like any good legislature or decision make, I make rules that favor me if I can get away with.