Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Minute Details

Here are the last details of Camp FT3. In the end if you are worried about an item essential to you throwing down hard as hell and doing the name proud, make sure you take care of it yourself. There is usually plenty of food and H2O as people tend to eat based on how the stomach feels after a lap. So here goes, this list is courtesy of NoHandle - Camp Boss!Coffee: Ghost got 2lbs and C-Man has the equipment to brew. Sugar and Cream are not clear to me.

I am bringing a stove and some utensils, a small propane heater. People should bring a mug at least.

Bambi is bringing a 2 Gal Jug to mix up Gatorade or cyto + bike stands

NoCar is bringing 2 large water jugs for drinking etc. + a home cooked meal of some sort

C’Man is bringing some home cooked food

2 tents per team

Ghost said that Inlaw etc want to camp w/us (I think that is good, more space to share)

Lars is brining 2 Ez-ups and some own food, love seat camp chair

A few people planned on bringing ice chests full of beer

Jerry has an ez-up, 1 table, maybe a cot for Trevor if he needs to crash.

Everyone was going to bring as much as they could tomorrow and take home what was not needed: Tables, Chairs, tents, ez-ups, canisters of propane etc.

We should car pool down as much as we can.

2 cans of food required per car to get in

$5/per car parking

It will be sunny and hot

Until We Race,