Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flying the New Colors

I took a solo flight this morning to fly the new kit. Ran by the Spoke who had already seen the goods! RG must have done the rounds on Friday showing off our team apparel. All I can say is that I looked fast and therefore must have been!

Sunday's Hay in the Barn Outing:
We are officially within race week. Nothing we do now will add to fitness for next week. However, we could easily overdo it. So there is going to be a pretty mellow morning roll (it is ok to attack on a mellow ride, you just can't attack for the entire thing!).

Meeting will be a Zia's (b/c it is on the sleeve) at 8:00 am! This is an official team outing so dress appropriately!

Until we ride,


  1. Sorry didn't get my new kit in time so I won't be flying them. I'll be tehre at 8. 2

  2. Is this a road or mountain bike ride?

  3. Could everyone check their arm warmers to see if they have a medium size mixed in with their large. I have one large one medium, Tyler ordered mediums and has two large warmers.

  4. All 3 of my warmers are as ordered, one is extra long, flece lined.

  5. VD, I have one each lg and med arm warmers