Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prepare the Quiver

Thought I would throw an update on Sundays ride out there and see what kind of traction we have.

First off: Good luck to Cappy and anyone else heading over the Napa for the Dirt Classic...Make it, well make it Classic!

Sunday Ride:
Looks like weather is coming in tomorrow. I hope to sneak something in early and avoid another soaking. As stated earlier, my hall pass is early, which may also serve the weather purposes.
Option One: Meet at Mosquito at 7:00 for a Sly Park Dirt Classic! If Napa can do it, so can we. We can hit an exit 54 pick up on the way.
Option Two: If raining/snowing meet at Mosquito at 7:00 for a CX adventure out Cable departing from Chez Bambi?

Until we ride,


  1. Xteric is down for either. Sounds like either way 0700 at mosquito. Maybe we should put cross tires on our 29ers? Or mabe not.

  2. Alissa and i are just back from our 7 day, 350 mile, self supported bike tour through sen benito and monterey counties.
    After a day off, i'm still weary and weathered, but ready to roll. I'd prefer a cross ride, just for something different, but the voodoo is always ready.