Friday, April 9, 2010

Aside from the post nasal drip...

I did not man up, I did not even show up as P3...instead I crawled under a rock and thought the end was near. After several days of pure nasal hell, I think I am turning the corner on health and coming back.

Thanks to the riders of Tuesday we were still able to get a ride report up. It appears the ride was soggy but good. RG is still on form, which continues to give the rest of us something to chase. Fear the catch my friend, fear the catch...because once your caught...well we have all seen the footage of the caught riders going way OTB!

As I was driving home yesterday I saw a sight I knew was a sign that the universe was spinning in my direction...there, hung neatly on the back of a classy RV, was a nice Mt. Tek! They live among us and their power is yet to be tapped. I will note that I have never, ever, not even once seen a Sunkyong on the streets!

Weekend Rides:
I am out for a Saturday outing, but Bambi is meeting 7:00 tomorrow morning for a two hour outing with an old buddy.

Sunday is my day, although my hall pass is for early in the day. I have to be done by 12:30. I would love to get on the dirt as the days to the 24 hr are rapidly drawing to an end. Thoughts?

What are you doing at work today:
Came across this beauty along with the report that Levi Leipheimer will be toeing the line at Leadville this year. The video is of Levi tearing up some trail somewhere. I am pretty sure that a video of me at my desk doing the work I do would not be nearly as much fun to watch. More power to them for figuring out how to earn a living on a bike...

Levi Leipheimer on a Mountain bike from Roger Bartels on Vimeo.

Until we ride,


  1. I am up for an early sunday dirt mission. Too bad I wont have my new rig until next week.

  2. Is there anything worth while out Cable?

  3. Glad the Sunkyong got a shout out. Great bike!

  4. Cable is worth while for a cross ride or tame MTB ride. Not a whole lot of climbing but it is easy to get to dirt for me. We could do a cable loop with an out and back to Forebay res.