Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'll Meet You At The Pass

Once again last night saw the convergence of riders, meeting at the Knot Hole. Xterric, B, NoHandle, and Cap'n rolled out for a standard dirt outing, while I had some later obligations and pedaled the road bike up to the Hole to ensure proper training was taking place. From the sounds of the dirt ride, the element of competition was friendly but fierce. Sounds like the route took the riders on a yo-yo tour of Damsel in Distress, up Rufus' Rage, Down the Lip, Around the East End of the Lake, Up Barnes Back, Down Wedding March, to 1A, kept on the dirt home to keep it real.

My ride up the hill was uneventful, although a bit sketchy.

Tacos were good, sauces were hot, tired legs were had by all.



  1. Although last night is still a bit blurry, I am confident I was in attendance.

    Mushrooms? Which variety, I must ask? See #32 on the above link.

  2. Oh great Scott, it happened. I have been fearing this moment for some time. Councilman, please accept my deepest apologies. In my haste I forgot to include your attendance. In fact you drove and kindly brought my change of clothes as well...I am a loser sorry.

  3. I would like to remind all FT3 riders that the bar was set very high last night, not for you but for your wife. You may select the best time to point out at some future date that well, "Nohandle's wife let him ride on their anniversary" - just a thought. She didnt' actaully "Let" me, b/c I wear the pants. You don't need to point out that we will celebrate on a weekend, and she actually had to be reminded of the date in the first place.

  4. There are so many openings in the above comment that I must restrain myself
    (out of respect for el director de blog). Since I don't know Annette that well, I'll assume she a) doesn't read this compelling blog or b) does and has a tremendous sense of humor. Are we talking 90's pants or more current attire?

  5. b is the answer, but she is just plain cool. 90, and 2010's pants, I wear'm all.