Saturday, June 12, 2010

"I don't feel Tardy?"

Death, taxes and inevitably falling off the back of the peleton are my constants in life. The good news about the last one, is that you always claw your way back up top again. I am really hoping that I have begun the path back up into the group. However, in terms of full disclosure, looking at the calendar does not bode well for the next several Tuesdays! Good thing its the off season! No need to worry, for the men of FT3 keep the engine on idle and are ready to throw down whenever possible! Last Tuesday being no exception, a ride went out and it sounds like had another first of the season, the post ride lake cool down! So without further adieu, here she is in all her glory, last Tuesdays Ride Report...

B is an animal. I traded bikes w/him, giving up my 24 speed carbon machine for his stealth SSCX. I was pretty excited about the big & light wheels until we hit the first hill.

All I can say is B jumped off my bike as soon as he heard me unclip and offer the trade back. I have no idea how he hammers that big gear up-hill.

The pace was about the hardest pace I’ve seen in a very long time at FT3 and ride leader Xterric clearly did not get the memo that this is the offseason, at least for me.

Loop: We took the hiccup trail to that funcky steep, rocky drop down to where we crossed the spillway and climbed up to the road (I renamed the climb as “spillway”), then Flemming to Palin’s plunge, as we climbed out of the “plunge” Xterric named that steep ass climb out to “Peter’s Pike” I believe but then I’m never good with names.

We then road the lake loop counter-clockwise but did two nice horse trail sections. All of them were hammered hard. I think Xterric cleared all but one technical section up hill – he was on fire.

We finished up w/another steep road climb up to Rock Garden 1-A and on back to the Knot.

Conditions were sick. The limited time I had on the SSCX was screaming fast on the decents. Those little tires hooked up in the oh so good dirt. But not only was the gear too big for me but also, the breaks are so shitty on that bike and I am so weak that I could not hold onto it for long in the drops, my forearms still hurt. B is an animal.

We finished off with a dock side beer. Yea, standing waist deep, cooling off our cannons why we had a few of what remained from the PreBRs. Funny how the one unemployed guy keeps buying the PreBRs. I’ll get the next set, maybe they’ll be cold too, at least to start.

Great ride.


Addition Via NoCar:

The only thing that I will add, which Nohandle was too polite to mention, is that i had three Lars-style unintended dismounts as I tried to keep from falling off the back of the group. Then I went on to commit another graceless move and asked Mother Rye for a glass of water. You'd have thought I asked for a free round of tacos her reaction was so thick with derision and mockery.

One last comment by B:

All I will add is that even though we are uncertain of the exact route, it involved 28 miles and 6K' of climbing.

Well done men, 28 miles and 6K+ of climbing is a legit Tuesday roll! Spot on, spot on. Even though he wasn't present, Cap'n still found room to contribute as well. In fact, he found the way for me to get back up into the group and quickly. And so with this clip, I am signing off until Tomorrow morning, when I hope to be back on a bike and going fast!

Our Lady of the Skinning Tire Sunday Services begin at 7:30 and meet on the hallowed ground where Starbucks and Mr. Pickles go to die that is now the Bagel Shop!

Until we ride,



  1. looking forward to tomorrow morning's outing. Hopefully, we will have the same fortune as last week, and none of the flats we change will be our own.

  2. Woops. I posted under Alissa's account.