Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Solstice +1 Ride

One day out from the summer solstice, draws another Tuesday on the calendar. As the pattern has been, this is again another Tuesday I cannot ride. Alas, I will make the hydrating and eating event post ride. A very full weekend vanishing in the rear view mirror may dictate an interesting ride. However, Tuesday it is and my faith is in those with the hall pass to put down another fantastic ride.

Solstice Music Event:
Even though there were people present, I have to admit, this was an awesome event. FT3 made a good showing on Saturday with NoHandle
representing for the entire event. With perfect weather and a superb kids bike riding loop (and a really cold river) there was much fun to be had. FT3 Generation Two is definitely cutting its teeth and will be ready to join us before we know it. I am happy to report, with the loaner of the trail-a-bike from Cap'n, I have had both kids out on the bikes a fair bit lately!

Father's Day Massacre:
Spot on mate, spot on! The Happy Valley CX loop provided the training grounds for laying the first part of the 2010 CX campaign foundation. We were joined by Mr. Safety for the first part of the ride and then picked up Bambi at the Holiday Market on E16. From there we quickly turned off onto Happy
Valley and started the climb up to MET. And climb it was. Actually before it headed for the sun, we passed the Happy Valley Brewery (By Appointment Only), I might be making an appointment and heading back out. Anyway, back to the ride, did I mention it went uphill,
nd like really steep uphill! After about 5-6 miles we hit the dirt and it continued up hill, like really steep uphill. Did I mention we were going up hill. I did my best to be like B, but the 42x25 was not my friend on Sunday. Finally we made up to familiar grounds in Pollock and the MET. Cap'n put in a monster pull up to Park Creek, shelling what little push I had left. RG came on form on Park Creek, NoCar is showing some real form and fitness, great to see Bambi back on the bike, in all we were all there at the end and still chomping at the bit to roll. Park Creek rolled pretty quickly and we were all

ready for some smooth roads after a fair bit of time bouncing over the bumpy stuff. NoCar and RG took the down hill sprints and I suffered up Big Cut to call it a day. Happy Father's Day indeed.

Running Co-Opting!
This weekend is the Western States 100. Jrom is in town to put in an effort and see what the running gods throw his way. In all honesty, if you have time Saturday night to roll down to the 49 crossing of the states trail in Cool it is a pretty cool thing to see the lead runners come through there with about 10 miles to go.

Mosquito at 5:45...Exit 54 (there is a real possibility)

Until we ride,


  1. One? I will try to roll tonight but will be riding to the mosquito lot. Can I hitch a ride?

  2. make that two? ride hitchers

  3. Three. Sweet CX outing, wish I could have attended, but not sure I even have the fitness.
    I had a few beers at the Solstice weekend so I should be in good shape for the hydrating tonight.

  4. Way to maintain priorities nohandle. B and I did some solid pre-FT3 hydration training at powells last night.

  5. the question is: how many pints did that young vet student have before she started, uh, petting Booker?

  6. Booker is quite the promiscuous pooch. Sounds like ft3 is spreading the love around the community like a June forest fire. Out tonight but In fir next Tuesday.

  7. I'm now in the "maybe" list. Work! Yea.

  8. I'm in but wasn't planning to drive. Is there anyone withcar going?