Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Should Have Been on Cruisers

It was a leisurely stroll round the lake last night. B, NoCar, NoHandle, Xteric, RG, Cap'n, and I all met up for the first slightly summery ride this year. Pulling on just a jersey and shorts was a real treat! No rain gear or cold weather gear was needed. After a long weekend of racing and training many legs were tired and there was not a real big desire to go particularly hard or long. B, being B, and being fresh off his OR trip, took his new SS Cross bike out front and hammered up the Qualifier. Unfortunately for B the new bike did not perform up to task. Yes, my friends we suffered our first mechanical abandonment! After NoHandle attempted a noble fix, all was lost as the crank came off for a second time! With B limping back to a comforting rye, the rest of us took up the charge on a Wedding March - Lake Loop roll. The Rock Garden could have had some folks clear but I wouldn't know because I was lips down hugging a rock missing the 9er. I am happy to say that FT3 was not beyond appreciating the beauty of our local trails and took an easy paced lap with many a chance to breath in all the nice terrain!

Tacos were enjoyed outside for the first time this year. No Aces were in the mix, so a round was had on the house! The fire was nice but produced no heat, and hey, haven't used this line in awhile, "no frenchies were around the fire"...actually I don't even know what that means.

Sunday meeting at the bagel shop at 7:30. Rumors of some new riders emerged mid lake...we will see!

Until We Ride,

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