Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thursday is for CX Adventure

As we rolled down the road last Sunday, I enjoyed hearing NoCar's tales and plans for Thursday CX adventure. Have had some vacation time starting on Wed, I thought, "hey, I could join him for next weeks adventure!" And an adventure it was! We departed from the bagel shop after the afternoon World Cup Match where Mexico stuck it to the Frenchies. We were quickly on to the improved sections of the SPTC and then as the plan was...we rode the length of the corridor to Latrobe road. There were a few sections of walking and near the end the trail kind of petered out (note to readers: the trail petered out, but the riders were chomping at the bit). However, the vast majority of the ride was pretty frickin sweet! In fact lots of miles were wide open double track making the CX the perfect choice. We successfully navigated the entire length without any mechanical incidents and popped out onto Latrobe with just enough time to make it to Councilman's place of business and steal a ride home! And then wouldn't you know, ppffsssttttt, a flat on the road! What gives! Got it changed and headed for home! Thursday is indeed the receipt for a CX Adventure!

Father's Day Massacre:
There has been some back channel discussion of this Sunday's ride, yet no plan seems to be emerging. Here are the facts, and just the facts:
Riders I believe are going:

Routes mentioned:
Happy Valley Cross
XP or some variation of such
Road Ride out of Auburn
Standard Sunday Morning Road Ride

There will be some music festival conversation today to establish route and tool of choice, hmmm maybe that's not what I really wanted to say. How about which bike to grab!

Until we Ride,

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