Monday, June 14, 2010

Or, we could just take Snow's!?!?!

Last Sunday's mass was something special. In short, weather and climbing were both on the up and up. Cap'n, NoHandle, NoCar and I all rolled out on a perfect Sunday morning for a gathering of Our Lady of the Skinny Tire. Cap'n, having a previous engagement to get home for, joined us for a standard climb through Apple Hill. As the conversation got lively I did notice the tempo picking up as well, making for a solid day of talk and training! At the Cedar Grove turn off of Mace, Cap'n dropped back to town and the rest of us took off for Pollock. The route up to Pollock was standard on Ridgeway and then we started getting creative. We headed through the Gold Ridge neighborhood and then dropped down to Starks for the rare yet really fun descent of Starks. At the top as we discussed the return route NoCar continued to interject, "or, we could just take Snow's". NoHandle and I pretended not to hear at first but then faced with either new "Chip Seal" or Snow's...Snow's it was. As a peace offering, we did decided to take the Braden route to the top of Camino. The super steeps kicked me in the teeth and hurt, but the climb made for a super fun drop back down into town. Great outing on a fantastic day for riding!

Until we ride,


  1. Lars claims that the braden route choice was a "peace offering" when in fact it was an overt act of aggression, allowing for the day's only city limit contest. All i could see (being so far off the back) was Lars clinging to Nohandle's wheel as they sprinted madly, swerved back and forth across the lane.
    Definitely more fun than a ride on an excursion train.

  2. For the record, Lars took the camino sprint after a fun and dicing scramble, I could not shake him tho I tried. He then followed that w/a downhill attack from Able's Acres past "jakeway" to take the official-unoffical sprint over the riser. Great ride, but I was spent.