Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Strike Two!

Not only did I post very late in the day yesterday, but my outings with the wife were not according to plan either and I showed up at the roll out with a wife in tow! Hey at least I didn't wear the wrong jersey...sorry Councilman, had to throw it out there. Although I was happy to have made it out to the trails for an outing yesterday, even if it wasn't on a bike.

I have not yet gotten a ride report, but I didn't want to be accused of sleeping on the job again so I thought I would start the thread and then add to it.

Here is what I know, the day was flippin perfect for riding or any outside activity. Trails were solid and seem to be holding up very well through the early part of summer. Cap'n, Councilman, RG, NoCar, and Xteric carpooled up to meet NoHandle, coming from the PV direction, and B, doing the first ever ride up to ride commute. There was a quick exchange with me in the parking lot as my anniversary run concluded, and then the riders were off. There were a lot of other cyclist out on the trail last night, and for the first time this season the camping grounds appeared to be filling up. Outside of this, I will need some details...

Upcoming Ride:
I will be joining NoCar tomorrow for the new addition of Thursday's Epic Cross Roll as we roll the RR tracks to Folsom.

Sunday Father's Day Massacre? Its been awhile since this ride went off, but I am around on Sunday for a ride if anyone is interested? I know many folks will be down at the music festival for some or all of the weekend, but a good cleansing ride may be a good call on Sunday.

World Cup News:
Yes I know this is a biking blog, however, I occasionally pollute the text with some running, so why not add some futball news when appropriate. Low scoring yet hard fought games seem to be the norm for the tournament. A big upset this morning as Switzerland pulled one/nill upset on Spain. However, the most pressing news story to watch is that of the bright orange miniskirts of the Dutch fans! Apparently some arrest have been made and the scandal heating up...and as reported on ESPN: "Yes, Robbie, people will be very interested to hear that full story when it does come out. Anything involving 30 Dutch women in orange minidresses tends to get attention." Stay tuned!

Until we ride,

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