Sunday, March 28, 2010

South County "Slug" Fest

Cap'n, Bambi, NoHandle, B (with guest) and I all rolled out for an early Sunday morning road tour. The route, as selected by NoHandle, took us south for some good sunny side riding. We rode the basic Slug Gulch loop. NoHandle got things started by sprinting for every sign he could find. I guess in the end, he won all the sprints, as no sign was allowed to go by without NoHandle giving chase. In the end, the Slug did not disappoint. The early steeps really kick me in the teeth. However after a little time to recover, I was ready to attack. The moment came on a classic "Tour de France" switch back that both Cap'n and I took as a launching point. The two of us ran hard to the top. As we neared the top, I looked back to see NoHandle clawing back on! NoHandle and Cap'n fought out the last 100 yrds as I licked my wounds. On the drop back down Omo Ranch, NoHandle launched a classic downhill flyer. Cap'n was not to be out done, I was left chasing but not closing. The trip back was initially tame as we all got refueled. The chase back to town did brought the excitement back with Bambi and I leap frogging the two man chase back up the, yup, you guessed it, Cap'n and NoHandle. Then B started throwing it in as well as we attacked until the road simple gave out! Great spirited ride, with the Gulch keep'n it real!

No race report yet.

Weather looks like is is going south quick...stay tuned.

Until we ride,


  1. Sounds like I missed a good one.

    No Handle - Don't get too comfortable with that sprint jersey. :-)

    No race report, sick all weekend, will lay low and try to ramp up for the big spring classic Copperopolis this weekend.

  2. RG, I'll go easy on the smack talk since i know you were laid up sick this weekend, but I'm pretty sure you would not have taken the foreclosure sign sprint on Perry Creek or the Consumnes River sign sprint on, well you guessed it that river (either direction).
    Cap'n did take the KOM points however, they just don't get the same press.

  3. Anyone up for a late afternoon stroll today? Around fivish? Possibly 49 to prospector to 193 and pack to town. 530-748-9207 send a text or call.

  4. Is the hidden comment field blowing up after hours? Nice ride yesterday FT3. The slug gulch loop definately has my vote.

  5. No Handle - I like how you went from a sympathetic note of not talking smack to subtly talking smack in the same sentence, not even a period or separate paragraph.

    That said, the key board serves as a good motivational tool, but the road results are paramount.

    Enjoy the sprint jersey, but don't stretch it out too much. :-)