Monday, September 14, 2009

And they're off...

What a weekend! Northern California, the Foothills and Sierra especially, were hit with the perfect storm of riding this weekend. With Cyclebration in Folsom, the MS150 north of Tahoe, and the Sierra 100 all being attacked by FT3 riders, the prefect storm met our motley crew.

Sierra 100:
Ghostrider reported a good event with some serious rainfall right around mile 60 or so. Ghost put a solid day in on the bike, I believe his finish time was just over 11 hours good enough for 3rd in the open class...that's right folks, FT3 on the podium! The race report included some serious cramping taking place beginning around mile 35 or so. However, it true FT3 style, Ghostrider pushed through, "and I never feel the pain," and kept right on pushing. It sounds like he had a breakdown in the solid food and salt management program, essential in longer races. A lesser rider, suffering from massive cramps prior to the half way point, would have called it a day and turned in...but not an FT3 rider. Gritting it out to a podium is spot on mate.

In-law showed up in the hills again and took on the 50 mile race with VD. Sounds like this event got off without the hiccup of the rain. In-law reported being solidly in third as well coming in to the last major climb. However, on the climb, he spied a rider charging up the hill behind him, attempting to take FT3 off the podium. Good thing tacos weren't on the line! In-law held off the late charge and secured yet another podium for FT3. No cramping reported from the 50 mile effort. Oh wait just a second, I am getting a report over the FT3 bat phone, yes strike that last statement. VD is claiming to have suffered a massive pinky toe cramp! Sorry, couldn't report from VD, just confirmation that he was there. In all honesty, I am loving the Garmin ride reports! I am sure we will see a good one from this bet, max HR 198 (sounds like there was some serious climbing).

Green Fro raced the 4/5 circuit race down in Folsom on Sunday. Sounds like a solid event marked by some classic 4/5 race strategies. From the report, sounds like Green Fro was pretty aggressive off the front, and kept looking for the long steady climb that really just wasn't there. After a few attempts off the front, it was clear the the wind and the rest of the group were going to keep any attacks at bay. Without a good climb to showcase his mad skills, Green Fro was forced in to the pack to battle out the line. In a bunch sprint if your not first, well you are in there somewhere. So we will call it finishing with the group, somewhere between places 10 to 30. No podium but a solid effort and reason for me to have hope, Green Fro is also a father of three! There is indeed a chance I will see a bike again. In the end, avoiding all crashes and finishing with the group is another spot on performance.

MS 150:
Sounds like if you show up for a ride that has some great purpose other than mashing gears with some of your buddies (but yet I could argue that there is not greater purpose than that) that you are in for a pretty powerful weekend. Cap'n requested a chance to collect his thoughts prior to getting a full ride report up. From the readers digest version I got, I am happy to report that less than top end competitiveness did not completely vanish for the whole weekend. Sounds like a pretty spectacular ride with some pretty sobering moments. Spot on for keeping the philanthropic arm of FT3 alive and well. An additional spot on for those FT3 riders coming through in a last minute sponsorship bomb to get Cap'n over the 100% mark.

Top of the Podium:
If we count the young Bolster as one of our ranks, we can take our first victory of the fall. Apparently he took top honors in the Jr. race on Sunday down in Folsom. Spot on, and get that ticket to Europe young man!

Other reports:
Rock God was there to check out the CX event at Cyclebration. Word has it that the B's are looking lean and mean. I think Sunday would be the right time to start up the CX training rides again!

Got the Sunky back on the road last night! Good times.

Rain in the sky, dust be gone!

Until we ride.


  1. Nice report Lars, congrats and nice work all around riders. With a ride report like that and weather like what we are having now, I'm looking forward to a great week of riding.

  2. Sounds like everyone had their share of riding this weekend. I did not make the podium but for my first race I guess 7th out of 9 or 10 riders will have to do. I will have to say it took a lot, both body and mind to finish this strenuous race. After inhaling lots of dust, having a bloody nose somewhere in 20 miles, and legs cramping (HTFU legs)...I was able to finish the 54 miles in 6hr 30min.

    Before the GPS stats are posted, anyone want to take that bet up with Lars on the Max HR?

  3. Good rides by all, impressive results for the Sierra 100 crew. Cyclebration was well organized but attendance looked light. Being late season and with the dilusion of talent across so many events may be the cause. The trails out in Granite bay looked like fun, crazy that I have not been out there all these years.

    Speaking of new riding venues, we need to get you guys out to Downieville trip, even a 1 day outing on a non CX race weekend would be a blast. One more rain would help the trails, although we could venture to the less traveled routes and still get a great ride in; ramp up that DTI boys.

  4. Very nice report. VD did man up on the finish and came in fast. It was a pretty good race with some very nice climbing and loose downhill fire roads. My final time was about 5 hr 23 year I will be trying the pro 50 or the open 100