Thursday, September 3, 2009

Best of FT3

Who's Tyler?

I received the following post from Cap'n as a result of a lack of communication on the ride report. In the end I did get a report and it sounds like the guys who showed up, rode a bit, sang some kumbya, and held hands through some good hot sauce tastings.

If the FT3 riders are non-responsive, I would like to submit the following remote location ride report:

Met with some cool transpo consultants in Chico, finished up the work then hit the road (with consultants in tow) riding the first big and famous Wildflower Century “Honey Run” climb from Chico to Paradise. Much to my dismay neither my name nor Lance, or Elliot Lancelot Karpet’s name was painted on the road. There was a lot of interesting artistry to take in though. After the ride we made our way to the Sierra Nevada Brewery where there was much talk of FT3 and the others indicated they have a strong desire to make their way over for a FT3 excursion. In proper FT3 fashing I ordered the Chorizo Pizza, (actually the best pizza ever) and crushed the whole thing. I made them aware of the ‘tabling discussion’ rule, ‘running sweep’ rule and discussed appropriate taco ordering ratios. When they show, they will be somewhat prepared. While this may sound counter-intuitive, the texts from Ghost at the Knott table kept me from driving into an orchard on the way back home. Thanks FT3.

Glad to hear that Cap'n got in some good pizza eating and FT3 discussing. However, it has gotten me onto an idea. It is time we start compiling a Best Of list for FT3.

Best Trail
Best Hot Sauce
Best Handle
Best Road Ride

Send me the thoughts for the best of topic and watch for the voting post.

Until we ride.


  1. Best Prepared Rider for all circumstances: I vote our senior (and I mean that with all respect as in this case it = experience which show) member RG, aka Rock God, not to be confused w/OG or Rock or any other derivation.

  2. Though all Handles have unique origins, and as such are deserving of recognition, I will go Zen and say "he with No Handle has the best handle". Best Hot Sauce may have to be divided into sub-categories, as there are considerations for heat, flavor, Red Hot Wed effects, etc. Still no baby, though contractions are picking up. Guess he's waiting for Labor Day.