Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Ride of Life

If life were a long ride, and often I believe it is, I think I have figured out exactly where I am on that ride. I think I am on a long flat road in the middle of nowhere, fighting a headwind. My head is down and the legs are turning over, and over, and over. For the energy output I am moving remarkable slow, but still making headway, albeit slowly. I trudge on knowing that I can make it, that I can hold the pace, that I will at some point see a change in the road. Up ahead there is sure to be a bend, a hill, some gravel, some change to the long hard pull I am currently holding. In fact that change may be disguised in some other way. The wind could shift to help me out, the rain could come to clear the air, the sun could set forcing me to find my way in darkness. Any way about it, the hard laborious ride will inevitably change. The more I think about it, for the current stretch of the ride I am on, gears are pointless!

S2ft3!!! For those of you scoring at home, today is indeed the first Tuesday in September! Bring out the single gear and the HTFU attitude for tonight's ride! I am looking for 6-4-3 double play on the taco order tonight and some good speed and good distance for the ride. I made a delivery to Ghostrider over the weekend and we will see what, if anything, he is able to produce? If he does bring something forth, I recommend a tall glass of milk be sitting in wait.

I am out for at least one more week. Elliot is doing great but another night at home is probably best for the DTI.

Sept 12th if fast approaching. Two events are going to experience the FT3 throwdown over this weekend.
1) Tahoe 100 - Ghostrider is still pondering the gear of choice but will do very well on this slog of a race.
2) CX at Negro Bar should be attended by at least Cap'n, possibly NoHandle, maybe Greenfro, and I will not rule myself out yet.
3) I have actually been getting in a little bit of secret training. I am going to be running the 50k Run on the Sly on Sunday (I think, I may get pulled off the starting line at the last second, who knows). So if anyone is looking to ride in Pollock on Sunday, swing by and you may see me passed out on a trail somewhere.

Mosquito 5:45 @ Exit 54???


Until we ride,


  1. Two! I will probably need a light, I think mine shipped yesterday but not sure it will make it overnight on standard shipping.

    I'm on the fence between CX at Cyclebration on Sept. 12th and logging some extra base miles on the Auburn Century, at least the 70 mile version.

    I hope I cured the stomach ailment and ensuing P3 episode.

  2. Three and Four! I am bringing a newbie who has a very similar single speed as mine. Hopefully he will ride it well. I may have to swap him gears when he is not looking. The hot sauce is brewing in the fridge as we speak. See you guys tonight!

  3. Five so far. If things continue to go well I will be out of the office on time to head out.

  4. God Speed Men. Pikes Peak is calling my name but not as loudly as my f'ing job. Sept 12 is out for this boy, another family wedding! Don't these people know about schedules!
    Until next week.

  5. Hey B, that moron you saw today on the "85 Nighthawk" giving you the thumbs up was me. You had this look on your face like who or what is this guy doing...??? Watch out FT3 is spreading like a disease.

  6. Hey guys, thanks for letting me join you on Tuesday. I had a great time and will definitely be back next week.