Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anything is Possible

The scope of the human brain is really quite staggering. Endless possibilities await the minds of the future on how to improve, change, adjust, or merely entertain human life.

All this inventive spirit aside, we engage in a pretty simple weekly pursuit. Although simple, I think that we are most certainly helped along by some of this brain embodied ingenuity! The simple design of the double triangle bicycle frame continues to be tweaked just so, as to offer us the most enjoyment on our Tuesday rides (maybe the last Tuesday of each month should be PFFT3: Penny-farthing Fat Tire Taco Tuesday). In addition to timeless combination of spice and meat provides ample nourishment on which to refuel after said ride. Finally the honed mastery of the internal combustion engine (destine to change drastically in the coming years) propels us home allow for such rides to take place with ease. What mastery is in front of us and why, why I say, should we stray from course? Anything is possible, and if the conditions are not perfect, we are the men to tame them!

Therefore my friends, in the spirit of possibilities, bundle up and head out for clear and cool moonlight ride! There is a real chance of departing from the Knot today without lights. Furthermore, this will be the last true dark outing. With the time change next week, we will be able to see where we are going again. The snow pack is minimal and the trails are somewhat visible, that is the recipe for success for FT3! Temps will be low, but spirit and moral will be high. Use some of that inventive spirit to dress in the best of micro this and fleece that to stay warm and do our founding bicycle fathers proud. When it is sunny and hot in a few short weeks, you will fondly remember this last of the winter rides shroud in darkness as the night you made it out!

Up Coming Events:
Cool Mt. Bike Race on Sunday
Solvang Century on Sunday
Madera Stage Race on Sunday
FT3 will be out in force...you guessed it...on Sunday

Mosquito at 5:45...Exit 54?


Until we ride,


  1. E-54 has been given medical clearance and is ready for duty. TWO!

  2. I'm Pulling the P3 Post (P5?) and suiting up.


  3. FIVE.

    Clearly weather reporting is not an exact science, far from it actually.

    Lars, I like how you waxed poetic and wove in the viral OK Go video. Way to keep with the times on the FT3 blog. Indeed we are a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully the viddy does not induce any domino effect in the FT3 peleton.

  4. Alas, miracles can happen. I have arranged for a designated hitter this evening, and will be in attendance. After 2 weeks of company, parties and 2 much food/beer, I am in great need of, well, more fine company,food and beer. Lucky 7 is in!!

  5. With Ghost and XTeric in the mix we might see ten tonight, a feat that hasn't reared up since early Fall.

    Indeed, anything is possible.

  6. Ghostis running pretty high temps and coughing up large amounts of lung butter. Would probably be a bad idea to go out tonight. P3 out.....

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