Monday, April 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday, I Think Not

Some folks just don't get the Sunday morning call. They sleep in and then use the rest of the day to accomplish as little as possible.

As for the men of FT3, there is no such thing as a lazy Sunday. We go, and when we go, we go hard. Baring of course the litany of mechanicals that one encounters on a long Mt. Bike ride. Councilman, NoCar, Xterric were there if force representing team 2, as where team 1 members NoHandle, Bambi, Cap'n and me. We rolled down to Cronan getting on the bike just before 8. We rolled Cronan and then headed over to Cool for a race course loop. The elements of Hardcore seemed to be coming over the group as race day approached. When stung by a bee, NoHandle battled through the reaction and motored on, spot on mate, he did look pretty funny though.

Tonight's roll will be back to the Knot Hole as getting the bikes covered in Cool mud again seems a bit silly, and hey, no tacos!
Mosquito 5:45...Exit 54?

As for the lazy Sunday, outside of the Mr. Pibb and Red Vines, I will take the ride any day!!
One (I hope)

Until we ride,


  1. I'm out. Business travel has me in Oregon Tuesday and Wednesday. Feeling FT3 withdrawls for sure.

    Sea Otter was tough, both races, need to work on the climbing...

    The kits are in transit, looks like we'll meet race day deadline, that is if people pay up...

  2. Is that Bart Simpson's brother? Hope the swelling has gone down, PL. Cheers to all for a solid outing.

    I'm home tonight. My pass is for alternating Tuesdays. Will see you all soon.

    FT3 Team 2 Fringe registration complete today.

  3. 2. Love the Narnia reference. Been reading the whole chronicles to the boys and considering an evil character (The Tizrock) as a moniker for my new ride.
    BTW, sorry to all about all the mechanical and physicals on Sunday. New tire is race ready per Captain’s instructions and bees don't come out at night. Libit is good to go now.

  4. 3. the voodoo has seen a little refurbishing and is ready to be abused in the snow and freezing rain.

  5. It's looking good for me tonight!

  6. I had to go back and re-visit the rap video. That is a pretty funny one.

  7. Ironic that the chronic(what?)culs of Narnia viddy hit the scene for the 4/20 call out.

    As mentioned in a prior most likely co-opted thread, I have my bike, rain jacket and no excuses tonight. I may not be able to drive though, I have a 'service engine soon' light on. Same one that was on on Sunday.

  8. Sorry to say it but I am out yet again bids, billing, proposals, and projects are piling up for spring and summer and I have deadlines to meet. So refering to the movie clip tonight I will be "ghost like swayze!"

    I am pondering the FT3T2F fourth position and will have an answer by tomorow. What could be more fun, ride a bike hard as hell for eight hours solo then drink beer the rest of the time or ride hard as hell every three hours or so until time runs out and drink beer in between, hhmmmmm..................

  9. Oh by the way if anyone wants to do a fast as hell road ride on thursday around six p.m. let me know. Usually 30 miles a decent amount of climbing in an hour and a half. The ride starts in auburn I will drive out around five. ....... only if work lets up for me a tad.

  10. Xeric makes five! Ghost, fast to you and fast to me are two different things. It's nice to hear you at least ponder the idea of FT3T2F.

  11. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.......................................................